Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Heart Matters: Is He The One?

Recent conversations with some friends made me ponder. How do I know he is the one?

Despite the obvious differences we have i.e. lifestyle and a huge age gap, we are getting along really well. People around us could tell how stable the relationship is and are asking questions like meeting the parents, engagement and of course, marriage. Talking about marriages, I kind of dread the coming Chinese New Year because that's the only time I will be ambushed with series of questions from my aunties and uncles :|

So. The question above became everyone's favorite the moment things got a little more official and public - How do I know he is the one?

When we first met, he was on his one-year break after resigning from an advertising firm, based in China. He didn't have a job and he wasn't in a hurry in securing one, which, on normal circumstance most girls would have her reservations towards guys like that. But I saw his potential, believed in him, and most importantly, I could see the loving and caring traits in him. He was in the sales industry, he was a good salesman and I guess he managed to sell himself well ;)

I admit though, there were instances that made me think twice. 

I recalled an article I read a couple of months back, that one of the most useful tip in finding Mr. Right is to know what I look for in a man. Expect a human being, not someone flawless and perfect because I for one, am not Ms. Perfect. I used to ask myself where and who I want to be in 10 years. As of now, I know exactly what I want - A happy family with a loving and loyal husband who comes home on most nights for dinner together with our 2 kids. Too ideal? ;)

Happy relationships are not built in a day because it is crucial to find out and discover your partner's traits and habits. And if it's not too much to ask, tolerate and learn to give and take. 

Be patient.


Tze Ling said...

Very well written and no, what you want is not too ideal! it's hard to find a good man nowadays...btw, me like this post of urs :)

Gmee said...

I feel it is nothing that hard to find that good man. You had found yours, so live your life. A honest hubby and 2 kids sounds perfect. 3 kids will make it more merrier! :D

ccc said...

it's not easy to get a family together.

Dr. Chin said...

Listen to your heart, as it will tell you what your eyes do not see and what your ears miss out in details.

Listen to your soul, as it will point you to the one that will connect with you in thinking, now and forever.

Listen to your feet, as it will guide you towards him when you are near him.

Listen to your hand, as you can feel his heartbeat by just holding his hand.

Smell with your nose, as you can smell him even miles apart.

Listen to yourself, if the world will end within next 5
minutes, who do you want to be with?

So, just feel with all your senses...that's how I found mine.

Dr. Chin

Happy New Year.