Thursday, January 12, 2012

Material Girls

I came across a rather interesting article on Daily Chilli recently, titled "Most Chinese Women are Material Girls".

"According to Chongqing Morning Post quoting a survey on the status of marriage and relationships in China, almost 70% of women in China regard having an apartment as a prerequisite for men to ask for marriage"

I kid you not when I say apartments in China are freaking expensive. A tiny one easily costs RMB 4 million, equivalent to RM 2 million for a thousand sqft! D:

The sole reason I decided to pen my views and thoughts is that, over a short conversation with a friend today, I was reminded of the times I was categorized under "materialistic girls" and "high-maintenance girlfriend" by my university friends back then. Or should I degrade them to acquaintances for making unfair accusations like that.

I really wondered what made them assumed so, or in their confidant books, know so. I didn't own any expensive branded material stuff back then, neither did I dress 'expensive-looking' to classes. My favourite was a pair of old denim!

Come to think of it, I do not recall any of my ex-bfs commenting I am materialistic / high maintenance, only friends! That tells a lot. And material girls do not go for unemployed men (read here)!

Note: I might have bullshitted someone with lame reasons just to end things without having to tell him straight to his face that I have fallen out of love. There's a reason to that, but it's a long story.

Don't get me wrong. I do not have anything against girls who think that 'material love' makes their lives complete. While I believe in true sincere love, I cannot deny the fact that money matters can make or break a relationship. Trust me when I say that because I have been through a lot of relationship tests and challenges when it comes to financial planning, even when it involves a simple task like planning for a holiday in our neighbouring country. Only in our neighbouring country! I don't even dare to imagine how heated the planning would be like if we were to plan for a Euro Trip or something :|

Who doesn't want an easy life, right? Being in a giant oil and gas company like PETRONAS does not warrant a comfortable life, at least not in my stage. I'm still struggling to save every cent just to reward myself. I wanted a higher end camera for the longesttt time but till now, I couldn't afford one yet. Plan to get the Canon S100 with my coming bonus so .. I really hope there's one coming my way! *fingers toes crossed

Ladies, true love lasts so .. just remember that BUT that doesn't mean you should sacrifice your well-being for a guy's sake *wink

And men, if you're not looking for trophy girlfriends and if you're not willing to invest unnecessarily on a depreciating asset, there are good women out there still. You just have to keep looking. Not all of them want just your money because some believe whole-heartedly in true love and are perfectly content with your heart ;)

Till then x!


Irlene Khan said...

been there, done that...and in some way it comes into ur relationship when the gal is doin better than the guy..haiz...
materialistic gal? lol...when ure pretty, u dress well despite branded or unbranded...u will still get the same remark as materialistic gal..and we just cant stop people from saying that..but look at the bright side, it means ure doing good, ure beautiful, u have good taste and people probABLy just envy ....i get that all the time from teenage til now.

flygoon said...

Don't you hate it? Its like a curse to have people making assumptions of you before getting to know you. It seems that there is a veil forever surrounding you, where people can never seems to know the real you.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

even if u're in love with a guy and so happens that he's 'rich', u'll be branded as material girl.. i mean, can't u just say that she's just lucky? it's like an instant stamp on her forehead saying 'I AM MATERIALISTIC'

there are alot, i mean PLENTY of jealous ppl out there.. i just don't understand, what's there to be jealous for?

as for me, it'll make me work even harder to afford a good life by myself, which is even better!

shoonso oo said...

i like the post, it make sense ..

shoonso oo said...

i like it, it makes sense

Anonymous said...

After I went to Hong Kong, and see the prices of stuffs there, I start to think that the surrounding force the girls to be materialistic.
As far as I know it's really tough to be a poor fella in china or HK compare to Malaysia.