Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Next Beach Holiday!

My first day at work didn’t start off well. First of all, it’s my first working day after a longgg Christmas and New Year break. I missed sleeping at odd hours and waking up just in time for lunch. I missed doing nothing, enjoying every minute just lazing around.

Getting up for work was a complete horror. I had dreams (thank goodness it wasn’t a nightmare) and I woke up 4 times in the middle of the night. The only thing that got me going was my favourite Subway breakfast, a cup of steaming hot Milo and interesting news by Daily Chilli. My breakfast on workdays are pretty standard – Subway’s honey oat bread with breakfast strip, lettuce, tomatoes, extra cucumbers, capsicums, mayonnaise and lots of pepper on the egg. Maybe 1 out of 10 days I’ll opt for chicken ham instead of breakfast strip.

To think that I haven’t had it for the past week! No wonder breakfast today tasted extra yummy.

So. To kick off the new year (and to get myself more motivated), I started planning my Chinese New Year holidays AND my annual beach holidays already! This time, we’re set on going to Krabi Island. We intended it to be on early February to coincide with Federal Territory Day, Prophet Muhammad’s birthday and Thaipusam holiday but due to last minute planning and work commitment, we couldn’t proceed as planned :(

Backup plan: To go on early May to coincide with Labour Day and Wesak Day holidays but the big question now is ..


I googled but the information extracted from different websites didn’t tally, which worries me a lot! One said rainy season starts in May while the other said it starts only in July. Those who have been to Krabi, helpp?! I wouldn’t want any rain during my 5D4N beach holiday! I hope May’s a good time to go though so I can save on my annual leaves ;)

Now that I can redeem my Enrich Miles points, we might opt for a different beach destination. A friend suggested Phi Phi Island.

Anyhoo, how was your first day at work/school? :) Somehow I feel old just by typing the word “school”.

Oh by the way, today is the day I joined PETRONAS, two good years ago! *throws confetti


Crystal Hew said...

Going to Krabi in Feb (during the thaipussam hols)...update you on the list of things to do when I'm back?

Do not go to Krabi in May cus it will be rainy season. Went to Phuket last year in May and its raining the entire time! The waves during that time is horrendous and I almost vomitted on the boat. I dont think you will enjoy the journey....

eRiCa said...

goodie that will be really helpful! which resort will u be staying? yea i'm a lil wary too when one or two sites mentioned May is the start of the rainy season. i couldn't make it during the Thaipusam long weekend :(

ccc said...

I have only been to langkawi and phuket. don't think they will interest you.

sigh, no holiday for me till october.


yuan_wen said...

I prefer Malaysia's east coast beaches than Phi-Phi Island. That place aint as nice as stated in web. >.< Year end is one great time to go phi-phi thou..

Jason Rumpun said...

I was in Krabi in July 2008. It was rainy season but it wasnt as bad as ppl made it to be. I do agree that getting to areas for water sports like snorkeling was a bit choppy but otherwise, it was manageable

eRiCa said...

ccc: actually, we have plans to visit phuket someday. it was highly recommended by some of my friends ;)

yuan wen: really? the only local beach in the east coast i've been to is redang and i really liked it but my expectations on the beaches in Thailand is higher. should i be prepared to be disappointed? :(

jason: but do u get bright sunny days during your trip? that's the most crucial part! :P

yuan_wen said...

erk...dun get frust yet.phi-phi island landscape is nicer, giant rocks everywhere...more hot ladies and handsome guys. these are the good things abt it ba. XD
snorkeling - *shake head*

agreed with ccc, Phuket is highly recommended. =D