Monday, January 2, 2012

Of 2011 Reflection, Penang Food and NYE!

I welcomed the year 2012 whole-heartedly as 2011 hasn't been that easy on me. It started off with a not-so-amicable breakup from someone whom I treasured more as a friend than a partner. And .. it's not hard to guess that our friendship is no longer the same. Talk about making bad decisions. 

Then there were some really unpleasant dramas but to cut the long story short, I'm pretty much on my own now. The person who once took really good care of my well-being kind of hates my guts now. Or so it seems. I didn't expect things to end up this way but in life, people come and go. It's saddening to see how things turned out the way it did though.

There were a few epic moments which were hardly forgettable too! Especially this incident where I was unhappy about a lame joke Alex pulled at an event with a dancer girl (the topic was on pole-dancing, you go figure). His friends found it unbelievably hilarious that I got pissed they couldn't help teasing me about it almost every single time we met.

And of course, there were other happy moments i.e. when I travel and when I eat. 

So touristy ~

I went back to Penang to celebrate Christmas with my family, which I took this opportunity to snack in all the Penang goodness which KL has by far failed to impress.

Camouflaged among all the other hawker stalls at Batu Lanchang market, there's one Char Koay Teow stall right by the corner (next to a famous Hainan Chicken Rice stall) which has been my favorite CKT spot for ages. I was never a fan of the overrated Sisters Char Koay Teow. I find them extremely overpriced for a tiny plate of some noodles with huge prawns and nothing else.

One of my favorite Penang style Hokkien Mee was there too, although there were more tasty ones around in Penang.

This is undeniably the best Penang style Chee Cheong Fun!! Signed, sealed and approved by most Penangnites, if not all. Location - Genting Coffee Shop, Island Glades.

I have been busy indulging in good food from all corners that I got conscious and signed up for a yoga course. So far my waistline didn't expand much, yet D:

My one week in Penang during Christmas was all homey homey, partly cause most of my friends weren't back in Penang but mainly because I do not have any auto car to use (I can't handle a manual car for nuts). Met up with rag over a cup of Tutti Fruti and went over to KC's to visit her newborn daughter. I got the baby girl a full set of clothing too! 

I got her this! Cute or not :P Too bad the little hat didn't fit.

I reached KL just in time to celebrate and welcome the year 2012 at Gardens Residences! The traffic was surprisingly smooth, or smoother than expected. I had an awesome NYE celebration with friends and love (and MOET too) I look forward to an awesome whole new year.

Pictures below were taken from Marc.

I may be late but .. HAPPY 2012 EVERYONE! ;) 

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hello, been reading your blog for a while now.

hm... hope relationship goes well for you this year.