Sunday, January 22, 2012

On The Eve of CNY

Quickie post!

The Dragon New Year is just a day away! Sis, bro and I spent the entire afternoon yesterday cleaning just the living hall and piano room, leaving the chunk of the house to the cleaning lady who is here today (thank goodness for their service!)

I looked forward to an awesome time with family, relatives and friends whom I have not met for ages. Pumped up the mood with lots of bright-coloured tops and dresses! *loves

But guess what? I woke up this morning with a humongous zit on my cheek wtf! Seriously, zit on cheek, Y U NO spare me?! It's CNY! :'(

It must be that truckloads of (mini) mandarin oranges and cookies and bak kuas (pork jerky) sighs. Should I just screw healthy diet (and my complexion) just this one time and pig out instead. Should I? :|

RM5/kg at Cheow Yang pasar malam, PJ

OOohh I love the mini oranges btw. Very sweet, convenient and 99% of them are seedless.

Lazy Sunday. Just got home from CNY eve lunch at grandma's. My hair and complexion are on strike today. Can it get any worse? :(

Hope my day today will be compensated with lots and lots of angpau (red packet) tomorrow! x.

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