Saturday, January 14, 2012

This One Desperate Guy

Disclaimer: Based on a true story but I'm not the lady heroine ;)

I recently lent a listening ear to a really interesting (true) story of an attempt a guy made on a girl. How they met (they kind of met through Facebook) and his ways in his attempts to win her were very cliche. My preliminary judgement on his courting ways tells that he was looking for a wife, not a girlfriend because I find him a tad too desperate and weirddd.

He says stuff like "We are very compatible", puts up a disclaimer that he's the type who wants to get married after 1 and a half years of courtship and plans their future together after talking to each other, ONLINE, for less than a week! And they have not even met each other yet!

He's 35 by the way. 

So, you tell me, is he desperate or is he desperate? Don't you agree that he's on his bullet train mission to hunt for a wife instead of going through the normal process of courtship to determine compatibility? He claimed he has a lot of "potentials" but none were compatible. Well, if this is how he judges compatibility, I'm not surprised he's single (and obviously desperate) at this age.

This story inspired me to list the obvious signs a guy is a no-no (and also to try knock some senses into the lady heroine's head). Note that the below are my point of view on how to determine if a guy is worth your precious time. Guys and girls, you might find these useful ;)

Disclaimer #2: The term 'guy' refers to the purser, not a boyfriend who is already in a relationship with you.

FIRST of all, when a guy sends meaningless sweet messages like "I really miss you", "Happy 1 month of friendship" (this one really WTF), or better still, "We are very compatible and we complement each other" after barely 5 dates, chances are he's full of bullshit and kind of pathetic to be with.

SECONDLY, when a guy starts getting frisky in his suggestions i.e. "Do you mind bunking in the same (hotel) room but in separate beds? I promise I won't do anything!", please do not agree to another date. Don't know about you but guys like that freak me out and make me very uncomfortable because the fact that he could make such suggestions proves he doesn't have much respect for you. And he probably thinks you are 'easy'.

THIRD, when a guy pushes his way through in getting what he wants i.e. kiss, hugs, sex, etc; he is definitely not worth your time. A guy like that is a certified douchebag, one who deserves a kick to the side curb. A man who wants something real and sincere with you will respect your decisions and will never force his way to get things go his way, even if it's something less harmful like a goodnight kiss.


GIRLS, don't be fooled by guys and their natural charms. You may think he's really into you but any guy who does any of the above - especially point #2 and #3 - is eligible to be stereotyped a player. 

And GUYS, if you do not want a girl you really like to think of you that way, do not attempt any of the above because you will definitely drive her away, unless she is up for either a rendezvous with you, or a heartbreak.

P/S: The weird guy did all of the above - Point #1, #2 and #3!

P/P/S: I really hope the lady heroine reads this so she's aware of the fire she's playing with, and the mess she's about to be in if she continues to give second chances to the weird dude.

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ccc said...

i am actually the opposite of all the three.