Thursday, February 2, 2012

Heart Matters: What Is Love?

Saw this on FB which I thought was a rather poignant sharing.

A student asked a teacher, "What is love?"

The teacher said, "Go to the wheat field and choose the biggest wheat. You can go through it only once and cannot turn back."

The student went to the field and he saw one big wheat but he thought maybe there would be a bigger one next. Then he saw a bigger wheat, but again, he thought maybe there's an even bigger one waiting for him.

When he finished half of the wheat field, he realized the wheat was not as big as the previous ones. He knew he had missed the bigger ones, so he went back to the teacher, empty-handed.

The teacher then told him, "This is love. you keep on looking for better ones but later you will realize you have missed the right person and he/she won't be with you anymore."

Don't know about you but this short story kind of hit me. 

On a happier note, I recently shared my thoughts on unplanned pregnancy and contraception on Yes, I Can

I visited a friend when I was back home for Chinese New Year, and I was well, utterly surprised to find out the story behind her newborn daughter, which made me realized that contraception is not only important to teenagers or single ladies, but also to (happily) married women for better family planning.

So, in a way, my friend's story inspired me to produce this article. I would love to credit her for this, if only she allows me to ;)


ccc said...

i think i only meet someone i fancy may be once every 5 years. but you asked a good question, have i missed someone?

may be a bit formal tone on the article, for me anyway.

elaineliew said...

My Mom said to me over and over again,"Men are all the same". I left my husband two years ago and my family supported me.I have no regrets and as to date,as I keep recalled and recalled over the argument and misconception,I realized I AM "still" CORRECT as to my homecoming back to my parents and my other half still won't reconcile.I have to MOVE ON with my life and I am living my dream life back at home and am loving every minute of it here.