Monday, February 13, 2012

Help Me Win A PRADA? ;)

Okay guys, I need a favour. A huge one. is running a contest – Confessions of a Bag-aholic – with really, really attractive prizes up for grabs! I came to know about it when I posted a picture of my Longchamp on their Facebook page as a testimony from a satisfied customer, thanking them for their quick and efficient service on top of a really careful and beautiful wrapping!

Ever since I bought my first designer bag – Gucci Sukey Tote in Paris, my interest in designer goods has deepened significantly. I started to appreciate them better, and am always looking out to get my hands on my next favourite piece, AND I have been wanting a Prada for the longest time because well, a Prada is a must-have for fashionable women. I have yet to own a Prada designer handbag so this is the perfect time for me to own one!

And that epic line, was the caption to the photo I submitted for the contest, in hopes of winning a Prada!!

Unfortunately for me, I submitted the photo like 2 weeks before the deadline, 29 Feb’12 so yea, right now I really needed a lot of votes to catch up to be even considered for judging, which is gonna be 50% on votes and 50% on photo and caption. 

GUYS, I really need all the help I can get :(

So, if you are willing to, click on this link right here: CLICK HERE

You will land on either the main page (see picture above, left) or straight to my photo (right). If you happen to land onto the main page, I would deeeeply appreciate it if you could click on “GALLERY” (highlighted in yellow circle), click on my photo and click “THUMBS UP” to vote for me!

Really appreciate all the help I can get. Oh btw, the page may take a while to load, probably due to all the photo submission ;)

And if you're kind hearted (and are not occupied), share this on your profile to help me boost the likes? :(

On an equally happy note, I went for my first ever audition/casting for a relatively high-paying part time job, and guess what? I GOT IT!! :D We were required to catwalk and pose for 5 judges, donned in dark jeans, white top and high heels. Thank goodness I didn’t trip or fall. I was later told that the judges stressed on height, figure (especially on the hips), face and hair.

I must have had a good hair day ;) xoxo.

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