Thursday, February 9, 2012

Of Festive & Public Holidays and THE Photography Contest!

While I appreciate the abundance of public holidays, I dreaded the after-effect of a long, long break. I practically dragged myself off the bed, to the showers, to the train and to my office – and the first person I bumped into was none other than my direct superior.

Him: Why do you look so sad?
Me: Ugh, cause I have to get up early for work today .. *sad face

Witty reply to someone who evaluates my appraisal and determines my yearly increment whoops. Thank goodness he’s a cool manager, otherwise .. I dare not imagine.

Now that the most-awaited festive and public holidays – Chinese New Year, Prophet Muhammad’s birthday and Thaipusam – are over, my days ahead look pretty gloomy, until my Krabi trip in May and Perhentian in June! I’m finally getting my diving license, after years and years of talking about it.

New year’s resolution #3 – (considered) CHECK!

Plus, I was really nice to two people whom I dislike (a lot) so new year’s resolution #4 – Check? :)

(Random) Just to share this photo, which I had submitted to participate in the PETRONAS CNY photography contest themed ‘Reimagining Energy’.

I decided to submit this because the spirit of tossing yee sang has always been the highlight of Chinese New Year! It doesn’t really matter if you really understand the real meaning behind every toss because the tradition of tossing yee sang with shouts of ‘huat ah!’ (rich and prosperous) stays true to us and brings us closer to one another.

I remember shouting ‘huat ah!’, ‘big bonus big bonus!’ and the most epic line was ‘must win baccarat later!’; which eventually led to my biggest win ever! :D

There are a few categories so if you do not have a big ass RM 40k camera, fret not cause this photography contest caters for all members of the public. Since that photo was taken using my iPhone 3GS, I submitted my photo under the mobile category :) Winners of the various categories will have cash prizes and will then have their masterpieces displayed and exhibited at Galeri PETRONAS *fingers crossed!

So if you’re interested to rival me, contest is open till 12 Feb’12! :)

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