Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Y U NO Reply?!

I’m pissed. Like really, really pissed.

I really couldn’t understand, why do some people deliberately want to make things harder for others? How hard or time-consuming could it be to merely acknowledge receiving an note and later do something about it instead of pretending you never received it? And how unprofessional can you get with that exclamation mark, huh? I had no idea they provide such training at your side.

The worst part is, the next time I see that idiot, I would have to smile, shake hands and pretend nothing has ever happened. That little prick ruined my otherwise wonderful morning. I should start practicing subtle sarcasm and poker face (useful during meet-ups in future). 

I know, I know .. being in this line makes me susceptible to meeting horrible assholes like that. In years to come, as I climb up the ladder, I’m sure the situation would be much, much worse D: I have seen the top guns debating in a very civilized manner when I know, deep inside, they are probably burning with fury.

It’s time to suppress the daredevil me and put up a brave (poker face) front.


Anonymous said...

Well. Sometimes you have to show your dark side to those arseholes. LOL

Unknown said...

Show em this bitch ain't to be messed with!