Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Of Valentine's Day Recap and Nando's New Witty Ad!

Post Valentine's Day recap - How did yours go?

My Valentine's Day this year isn't exactly interesting. Heck I spent the night on the roads to KLIA, in the boarding hall and on the plane, heading to Miri. My boss joked it was somewhat a privilege to dine thousands of feet up in the air. Well, not when I was really exhausted, all cooped up in a tiny seat with limited leg space! :'(

Complaints aside, my Valentine's this year is memorable for all the wrong reasons sigh. Well, on a happier note, I came across this witty, sarcastic print ad by Nando's. While I think it's pretty mean to hit on KFC when they hit rock bottom, it definitely gave me (and many others) a good laugh on a Wednesday afternoon :D

Let's all face it. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there so you can't really blame Nando's for pulling this off. Brownie points should be awarded instead for putting this in a very creative manner. 


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Hayden Chan said...

ahaha! Nice one about nandos! i laugh out loud when i read the nandos tag line. Well, since you made me laugh i gave you a thumb up on eranzi competition. good luck girl!

hmm. i would love to visit miri some day by the way. how is miri over there?

eRiCa said...

ooh that's really sweet of you. thanks! :) miri's a really, really nice place. reminds me of an olden penang. life there isn't so hectic :)

Hayden Chan said...

welcome! you deserve it.;) i see. nice i been to penang but i guess it's kinda hectic this day. i'm from kk actually and it's pretty near. so i might try to get myself there. :)

Oh ya, happy valentines day and may you find your's mr right one. ;)