Monday, March 19, 2012

Future Music Festival Asia 2012 - The RAVEE

It was the first ever Future Music Festival in Asia last Saturday at Sepang International Circuit. Now, I'm not gonna bore you, again, with the details on the lineup and whatnot (read here if you do not know yet), instead I'm about to pen my verdict on the most-awaited event by many. 

I won't deny, I was somewhat half-hearted, mainly because I was told that 50,000 tickets were solddd omgwtfbbq. I didn't want to experience what I experienced at Arthur's Day last year where the 6 of us, all cramped up in a 3-series beemer, were stuck in at least a 2-hour traffic and when we reached, the parking totally didn't help. We stayed for barely an hour before we had to fight the traffic back home wtf.

But this time, thank goodness it wasn't the case. The event organizers obviously expected a massive crowd and planned for ample parking. Plus, there were people around to help with the traffic flow so .. brownie points for that.

There were basically 4 stages around the place, with booths set up for food, merchandises and games in between. Alex and I weren't dressed for the event because we thought we would be in an air-conditioned room. My first time at a rave so a bit sakai. There was an air-conditioned room for first class ticket holders but the room was filled with smoke can die. So we went out and entertained ourselves with performances at the Las Venus Stage.

Las Venus Stage

With darling Sarah

Then we hopped over to the Flamingo Stage, which we got bored pretty fast because the music sucks. We walked allll the way down to Future Stage, which we later found out that was the main stage (damn!).

Future Stage

Most of the main acts were lined up at Future Stage. We missed Flo Rida and were anticipating for Chemical Brothers show but we were too tired (from all the hiking up and down the slopes) so we decided to call it a night. 

We reached at about 830 pm and left before 11 pm. The event wasn't a bore, especially not at the Future Stage but I wasn't dressed for the event, which left me hot and sweaty and utterly uncomfortable.

I liked what I saw though. I have never been to a rave party and my first one was ruined by my choice of clothes so .. I look forward to my next rave! :))

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA) 2012!

FUTURE MUSIC FESTIVAL ASIA (FMFA) is happening next Saturday, 17 March 2012 at Sepang International Circuit so ..


.. for an extensive lineup of cool and collective International, Regional and local DJs gracing the stage to pump up the massive hype and expectations??

Fresh from a record breaking series of sold out Australian festivals, Future Music Festival spreads its wings to Asia in March 2012, taking along all the endless fun, energy and forward thinking sounds that Australian music fans have come to know and love. The destination of choice for its debut is, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Future Music Festival Asia, yet to be the first time held in Asia.

First established in 2006, the mighty Future Music Festival has become engrained in the hearts of music and culture loving youth Australia wide and is deemed an essential on the annual festival circuit. The multi Award Winning Future Music Festival is renowned not only for delivering the biggest acts in the universe, but also the brightest stars of tomorrow.

Among the world class acts that have stamped an impression in past festivals includes The Chemical Brothers, David Guetta, Paul van Dyk, Ke$ha, Fatboy Slim and many more!

The coming Future Music Festival Asia this 17 March features a debut lineup which includes International (Flo Rida, The Chemical Brothers, etc), Regional (Sinichi Osawa, Electrico, Inquisitive, etc), and Local (Kyoto Protocol, Goldfish + Blink, etc). I personally can't wait to see Flo Rida, Kyoto Protocol and Goldfish + Blink in action once more! *excited

Tickets to Future Music Festival Asia is now on sale with prices from RM 98 onwards via and its respective ticketing outlets. It is set to kick off at 2 pm till late. Yes, it's gonna be a 12-hour filled with ground-breaking awesome music and thrill and oh, all the hype!

I can't wait for it already, can you? ;)

Sepang International Circuit (Malaysia F1 Circuit)
2 PM onwards till late on Saturday, 17 March 2012
Admission: Super early birds RM 98, early birds RM 138 and pre-sale RM 158

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Heart Matters: Why Do Relationships Fail?

I recently wrote quite a bit on common relationship issues – What love is, rebound relationships, the search for Mr Right and moving on from a failed relationship.

Then I realized, I have yet to pen on the common factors behind most failed relationships.

During one of my recent coaching sessions at work, my superior said it is always easier to achieve than to sustain. Working on successful relationship – with our kids, parents, friends or partners – is undeniably one of the most important life skills we should master. If we cannot sustain lasting relationships with the important people in our lives, there will always be an emotional struggle, just to lead a happy life.

There are way too many reasons as to why relationships fail but I believe the factors below form the basis for which every other problem branches out.

People are often clueless about how to love someone. They think they do, but in actual fact, they don’t. The root of that problem begins and ends with you learning to love, not in finding the right person to make u learn. More often than not, we tend to fall in love with one’s personality but at the end of the day, it’s the character that we have to live with, and these two are not similar in many ways. The so-called “love” that gets people together is a shallow, unconscious/conscious vetting between “What I need” and “What he/she can offer”. In other words, love is often judged by that tiny, materialistic voice in us, despite us making ourselves believe otherwise. Alas, when issues arise – for example, as to why can’t he/she be like so-and-so and how did he/she become like that – each will then realize (hopefully) that the real problem is that we are clueless about how to love.

Read here for my write-up on material girls.

I have always thought that relationships die when too much negativity is going on. I thought that anger and conflicts are the cause to a weakened relationships but seriously, that’s not how things work! I came to realize this after several real-life experiences with my current second-half (I wouldn’t call him my better-half because we compliment one another).


The way I handle things is that, during every rough patch in my relationship, I would avoid facing reality. I would resort to the easiest way out – Just give me some space and time and I’ll eventually be okay. But really, that’s not okay at all. If a negative event is not concluded the right way, it will always haunt each party at the back of theirs heads and will be brought up at the next argument and the next and it will keep on rolling until the back of the relationship finally breaks.

So right now I’m learning to be more open to confrontation and talks – to clear any misunderstanding and to understand one another better. I regard this as “relationship therapy”, because at the end of the session, once everything is cleared, I will feel better about myself and about having him as a partner, and vice versa.

Another thing I would like to bring up is trust. Without trust, there can be no enduring relationships I kid you not. Trust is like the foundation of a gigantic pyramid, which, if it’s broken, the pyramid would crumble. It’s like what they always say, a relationship without trust is like an iPod without music .. there’s no point having one.

The magnitude of trust in a relationship is so great that without it, a whole load of problems will start pouring in – jealousy, unnecessary pressure, verbal/physical abuse, domination, picking faults and selfishness. Relationships are not tests, so there’s no reason to cheat at all. Even if you are dying to (because your tweaked brain somehow thinks it’s cool to cheat), cheating is easy-peasy so why don’t you challenge yourself to be faithful instead?

A great and lasting relationship is about working out the similarities and respecting the differences. Learn to compliment one another instead of trying to change the other person.

Quote: Love is cute when it’s new, but it is the most beautiful when it lasts.