Monday, March 19, 2012

Future Music Festival Asia 2012 - The RAVEE

It was the first ever Future Music Festival in Asia last Saturday at Sepang International Circuit. Now, I'm not gonna bore you, again, with the details on the lineup and whatnot (read here if you do not know yet), instead I'm about to pen my verdict on the most-awaited event by many. 

I won't deny, I was somewhat half-hearted, mainly because I was told that 50,000 tickets were solddd omgwtfbbq. I didn't want to experience what I experienced at Arthur's Day last year where the 6 of us, all cramped up in a 3-series beemer, were stuck in at least a 2-hour traffic and when we reached, the parking totally didn't help. We stayed for barely an hour before we had to fight the traffic back home wtf.

But this time, thank goodness it wasn't the case. The event organizers obviously expected a massive crowd and planned for ample parking. Plus, there were people around to help with the traffic flow so .. brownie points for that.

There were basically 4 stages around the place, with booths set up for food, merchandises and games in between. Alex and I weren't dressed for the event because we thought we would be in an air-conditioned room. My first time at a rave so a bit sakai. There was an air-conditioned room for first class ticket holders but the room was filled with smoke can die. So we went out and entertained ourselves with performances at the Las Venus Stage.

Las Venus Stage

With darling Sarah

Then we hopped over to the Flamingo Stage, which we got bored pretty fast because the music sucks. We walked allll the way down to Future Stage, which we later found out that was the main stage (damn!).

Future Stage

Most of the main acts were lined up at Future Stage. We missed Flo Rida and were anticipating for Chemical Brothers show but we were too tired (from all the hiking up and down the slopes) so we decided to call it a night. 

We reached at about 830 pm and left before 11 pm. The event wasn't a bore, especially not at the Future Stage but I wasn't dressed for the event, which left me hot and sweaty and utterly uncomfortable.

I liked what I saw though. I have never been to a rave party and my first one was ruined by my choice of clothes so .. I look forward to my next rave! :))


Adam said...

haha, you'll need to check this out for your next rave:

There's one coming up in 2 weeks called Zouk@Sepang :p

Sarah May said...

Awesome post & pictures!!! So gonna get an Iphone & Alex's 4-year-old camera sooo reliableee!!! Upload more pics ya! <3