Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lady Luck

She may have everything – looks, poise, manners, intelligence, will and determination – but does it mean she’s destined to lead a near-perfect life than someone who doesn’t have it all?

I believe luck plays a vital role in our lives – a few seconds of bad fortune can unravel years of struggling while a moment of good luck can lead to decades of success and happiness.

Don’t you agree?

The choices you make i.e. the places you choose to go or a decision-making answer you give can really determine the next course in your life. Actually I don’t really know the point of this entry .. Lately I have a lot to think about that sometimes my judgment is clouded. There are so many unanswered whys and what ifs ..

All I know is, there’s a decision to be made.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Photoshoot 101

Yesterday was my first proper photoshoot after so long, since I stopped like 5 years ago. Before I stepped into the station wagon, I used to think modeling was a glamourous thing to do. All I saw back then was beautiful girls jetting to a picturesque location, donned in pretty clothes while photographers and make-up artists fawn over them.

After one or two shows, reality hit hard. Yes, there was some glam and excitement but behind closed doors, it's not as pretty as it looked. It's similar to just any industry, where people face rejection and sacrifice. Not to forget, politics and cat fights too!

So anyway, I never went far. I barely started before I had to quit due to other, more important (to me) commitments. And now, I'm back in front of the camera, not to resume my modeling gig, but to create a proper portfolio for my blog :)

So yesterday I had a simple photoshoot with IMVA Studios. It was fun alright, but for some reasons I felt really awkward standing on a backdrop being in front of a camera. My first few shots weren't pretty - I looked boring and .. plain. It took me about an hour to get myself to kind of blend in with the situation. 

I have yet to see the outcome of yesterday's shoot but here's one preview shot!

This picture has been edited, using an awesome iPhone app called Photo Wonder. My favourite photo editing app by far! :D

And, to wrap up my quickie post, here's something for you, just for laughs. Got this from Facebook :D

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

PETRONAS Malaysia Grand Prix 2012

Those who follow my Facebook page would know I was one of the 58 grid girls for the PETRONAS Malaysia Grand Prix 2012 which took place at Sepang International Circuit on 23 – 25 March 2012.

Picture credits

Picture credits

I went to the audition with Grace, with high hopes of sealing the deal but as I (attempted to) waltz into the Petronas Twin Towers lobby, trying my best not to trip on my heels, my confidence shrunk. There were so many beautiful girls in killer heels, all dolled up to impress the panel of judges. I called Alex and he said “This job is like a bonus to girls who are in this fulltime, so expect to see experienced girls in the audition. Don’t worry, just go for the experience”.

My look on the audition day

Anyway, to cut the story short, my confidence that day went on a roller-coaster ride but at the end of the 6-hour audition, I PASSED!! When it comes to this, yes I’m a little jakun. I have never done such freelance jobs before so I was really thrilled when I got chosen to be a grid girl for F1!!

On Friday evening, we gathered at Petronas Twin Towers lobby to board the bus to Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel, our home for the weekend. Meals were provided and we get to stay in some sort of a junior suite, naisee! I was with 3 other girls – Wan Li, Ancy and Renee. Really sweet .. and young. I was the oldest among them and easily among the oldest grid girl this year -_-“

This was our uniform on the day before the grand finale. The huge silver ribbon belt made us looked like well-wrapped presents to be given away. Below, was our uniform on the last day. I had to get up at 3 am to get this retro-cum-futuristic look done. While many loved this look on me, some thought I looked better in lighter make up. I couldn’t agree more ;)

Some friends and colleagues asked, “What’s your job scope like?”, but there isn’t much to tell, really. The standby time is C-C-CRAZY it took up about 90% of our time at Sepang. The remaining 10% we spent posing for hundreds of big-ass cameras, holding flags / boards, marching on / off the tracks, waving our hands to people, and more posing. Some photographers even took photos of our butts wtf.

Picture credits

Picture credits

And because the standby time was really long, we were constantly stuffed with food. Faris from Tangerine Models kept giving us water to drink so we wouldn’t faint on track under the scorching sun (lesson learnt from past experience). So in that 90%, our mouths were really busy chewing, gulping liquids and gossiping.

Picture credits

By the way, if you don’t know yet, Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso won the race this year. Sauber Sergio Perez (left) came in 2nd and McLaren Lewis Hamilton, 3rd.

Our journey back to KLCC on 25 March was a disaster. The traffic was ridiculously massive the bus took more than 2 hours to get to KLCC. By the time I reached home, I was half dead with inch-thick make up plastered on my face since 3am. And I still have to get up at 7am for work the next day.

One of the girls asked, how did my virgin experience go. As much as I hated the ridiculously long standby time, long hours of make up on my skin, and tiring journey; I realized I actually enjoyed my weekend. I made a few new friends, gained some new experience (and regretted for not getting involved when I was much younger), and learnt their beauty secrets. Ah, that awkward moment when a 26-year old girl needed beauty tips from a 21-year old.

Oh well. Now that I’m done with the event, I look forward to that big, fat moolah coming my way :D

Friday, April 6, 2012

Privacy in Relationships

Couple of days ago, Nic's status on FB sparked something in me because it came off somewhat familiar, in a not so good manner. 

So, her status, in summary goes like this. During the early stage of a relationship, this guy agreed to an 'open book' relationship and willingly exchanged FB / email / Twitter / etc etc passwords, and even told his other half that she can check on him anytime as he had nothing to hide. However, after a few months into the relationship, he demanded to know why the girl checked on him, said he needed his privacy and that if she didn't trust him, what's the point of being in a relationship.

OMG wtf? Make up your mind, dude. If you really treasure your privacy, do not offer in the first place because if you did, and want to retract it later, it puts you in a really, really bad position. Any normal girl would assumed you have something to hide, regardless how adamant you are in denying it. I definitely would, and I will dump his sorry ass because right now, I totally cannot tolerate cheaters. 

Quite a number of her friends (who are also my friends) responded to her status, saying how privacy is important to them and whatnot. It's totally fine that way, because I like to have my own privacy too but I don't go and initiate to have an 'open book relationship' only to request to have it 'closed' a couple of months later wtf. If you don't like to be exposed, then don't do that just to gain her trust because that tactic will backfire and burn you back.

The reason I said this came across familiar is that I once dated a guy who really, really treasured his privacy, to the extend that he gave all disclaimer even without me asking. Couple of months later, he forgot to log off from his FB on my BB and I saw sweet chat messages on his FB inbox, with a girl he met a day after we coupled up. 

Looking back, no wonder he was so dead adamant about not sharing passwords .. so that he has all the freedom to do all these nonsense? I don't know. But yea, well naturally, he's now an ex. 

If you (that ex) were to read this, no hard feelings ya. Just sharing. Peace.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


A childhood friend and myself talked for a bit about job, career, earnings, opportunities and the near future yesterday night and ..

*writer’s block

I don’t know how to continue despite having series of thoughts and questions in my mind since that night. I couldn’t pinpoint what the issue was, but what I do know is, I’m troubled.

Due to the very direct, predictable path chosen for me many, many years ago, I never had the opportunity to experience the different things in life. Don't get me wrong, I'm perfectly fine with my current job title and job scope, in fact, I never hesitated to let people know what I do but .. 

I am just not contented at where I am right now.

Maybe I was destined to be someone else / to do something totally different from what I'm doing now, say like a stewardess (my dream ambition when I was 17) or to own a stall selling char koay teow wtf.

My point is, just by that 30-min chit chat with that friend made me realize, academics and books only help in giving one the stepping stone but without things that really matter, such as interpersonal skills and wisdom (being street smart), academics will only bring you this far. I was brought up with a conventional mindset – that academic excellence guarantees a promising future, and that’s the way to go in life. Sure, I did my part and scored. My parents were pleased with me, heck even I was extremely pleased with myself. Then what? Get stuck with a 10-year bond, with not much options to choose from? To be in the office every single weekday from 9-5? 

I wished I had been more exposed to the outside world. I guess that’s the only regret I have right now. Looking back, my parents never condoned me hanging out with that friend during our schooling days, reason being, he and his group of friends weren’t the studious, hardworking nerds so they were afraid I would get influenced by them. I understand their concern and I totally see where they’re coming from but keeping me away from all the dangers and challenges didn’t help at all. Look at me, if I were to be dumped on the streets all by myself, I wouldn’t last a week.

That friend didn’t excel in his studies. He wasn’t enrolled into a prestigious university, nor did he secure a high-paying job the moment he graduated. But right now, his basic’s almost double of what I’m getting every month (I have yet to take his commissions into account). And the most important part was, he had that job satisfaction despite having to slog on weekends.

I’m still pondering on what I should do next.

Maybe I should just snipe a rich dude, divorced him and settle for that 50% :D