Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lady Luck

She may have everything – looks, poise, manners, intelligence, will and determination – but does it mean she’s destined to lead a near-perfect life than someone who doesn’t have it all?

I believe luck plays a vital role in our lives – a few seconds of bad fortune can unravel years of struggling while a moment of good luck can lead to decades of success and happiness.

Don’t you agree?

The choices you make i.e. the places you choose to go or a decision-making answer you give can really determine the next course in your life. Actually I don’t really know the point of this entry .. Lately I have a lot to think about that sometimes my judgment is clouded. There are so many unanswered whys and what ifs ..

All I know is, there’s a decision to be made.


Anonymous said...

Just freaking make the decision and make sure you have no regrets while doing so....
kan senang?

ccc said...

i have made my decision, but just don't know how it is going to turn out.

Tze Ling said...

This is a part of growing up, mid life crisis perhaps? But its a good thing to happen now rather than in later years. Good luck n make wise decision with no regrets!