Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Must. Buy. TOTO

I have two things to say.

One. I’m going to Perhentian!!


I’m finally getting my diving license yays!

Wounds on my wrist, forearm, shoulder and knee; please heal fast enough otherwise I’d have to scout for a mighty waterproof bandage to withstand that huge amount of pressure 30 feet below sea level. Don’t even know if exists wtf.

You know, I thought I’d have to miss the open water course when this snatch theft happened on 6/6, but I have committed and paid! I lost my Burberry purse and my iPhone4s to that scumbag and I really don’t want to make my finances worse, so die die also must go and get the license!

6/6/12. 6612. Nice number. Must buy TOTO and hope for it to finance a new purse and phone *bangs head

I was so busy (and traumatized) I haven’t had the time to get all my important documents done. If not for my passport, people might think I’m from China, out and about to hunt rich men. Or Filipino, since I have a darker skin tone wtf.

I witnessed a stranger’s bimbotic moment today. I was walking towards KLCC when I spotted a pretty girl nearby. I checked her out (girls check each other out it’s a norm) and I almost died laughing at the next thing I saw: She was on Face Time (on iPhone), with the back of her phone facing her hahahahahahhaha. A second later, she quickly flipped it around I think the person she was face-timing pointed out the blunder hahahahahahhahahaha omgg

So mean right me hahahahahhahaha.

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ccc said...

camera at the back better. :)