Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Victim of a Snatch Theft at Broad Daylight

Just a couple of weeks back, a young lady almost got herself abducted / possible rape by two men at The Curve. It was on a Sunday, at 5.22 pm. 

She was a friend's friend's girlfriend. I was shocked, because at that very same day and time, I was driving towards Bandar Utama, with the intention to get a new backpack at either The Curve or at One Utama. I went to One Utama instead.

She shared her experience and advice on Facebook (read it here), and I took the initiative to share it on my Facebook Page to spread the awareness. 

That happened on 27 May 2012, about 2 weeks ago.

And yesterday, I was a victim of a snatch theft at broad daylight. 

It was a working day and I wasn't well (lesson learnt: detox tea and durians do not go well together) so I had to call in sick. At about noon, I wanted to get lunch and go to the clinic.

My car was parked right outside the gate. I did a precaution check - Looked right, left, front and back. 

No suspicious looking people - Check!
No suspicious vehicle - Check!

It was really quiet. I looked around once more and walked towards the gate. It was padlocked. I took about half a minute to unlock it and the next thing I heard was a loud tyre screech and quick heavy footsteps towards me.

I turned around and saw a small-built, young Malay pighead dude coming for me with both his hands up. The first thing that came to my mind was, OMG HE'S GONNA STRANGLE ME!

He reached for my bag instead (thank God) and I was caught off-guard. I screamed and stepped back, into the compound of my house and he rushed into the house as well wtf!!

He tugged my bag so hard and seriously, that didn't help. The harder he pulled, the harder it was for me to release it. At that point of time, I knew I was in danger. I knew I had to let my bag go and I intended to but it got tangled and stuck onto my shoulder. He gave one hard tug and I fell onto the pavement.

My phone (white iPhone4s), car keys and house keys flung out of the bag. My Burberry purse, however, stayed put. He grabbed my bag, stopped to pick my phone up and left with an accomplice in an orange Kancil. 

I was in shock. At first I thought he had my car keys with him cause I couldn't find it. I panicked, thinking they would turn back to drive my car off (and kidnap me or something) so I cried and screamed for help. 

I was sobbing real hard.

My neighbours were very helpful, and I was very grateful for that. An elderly man came out with a stick (and found my car keys on the driveway), a lady got a young Malay guy to scout around the neighbourhood (in hopes to spot that orange Kancil I guess) and the elderly man's wife brought me in get my wounds cleaned up.

This was part of the injuries I suffered from the snatch theft. I had a really deep gash on my wrist. It's bandaged now .. didn't want to gore you guys with the visuals of it :|

And a really deep gash on my left knee as well, so now I'm walking with a limp. Other injuries includes deep scratches on my right knee, left foot, left elbow and left shoulder. I have bruises everywhere, and muscle pain at my left back and left abdomen.

And let's not forget the trauma. 


Everything happened too fast for me to even look at the number plate.

Even after the horrifying incident at The Curve, I never thought it would happen to me because I was constantly on-guard, especially while walking to and from the LRT station .. but it happened all the same.

I am now afraid to walk alone cause even if I was extra vigilant, I won't be able to outrun a guy if he were to come after me *touchwood

Yes, I have became that paranoid.

I decided to share my ordeal to spread the awareness that, all the stories you read in the news, are very real and that it could happen anytime and anywhere. I was on the lookout. I did everything I could to keep myself safe but that wasn't enough. And up until yesterday, I had the mindset that it would not happen to me. I was proven very wrong.

So girls and guys, please be really careful when you're out. Girls, try not to be alone, regardless where you are. This happened right outside my house. In fact, that scumbag was right in my house compound wtf. 


P/S: On a lighter note, if I could turn back time, I would tell the guy to just chill la stop tugging so I can release my bag without getting hurt.


ccc said...

do you go home same time everyday? my friend called her house first so people can come out from the house to open door.

ya, it happened to her as well, got robbed!

Adam said...

Wtf wei... So much precaution and this can happen, I wonder if it was by chance that those douches came at the "right" time... O_O

Since you say that you were off sick that day, it was not a routine thing so that kinda rules out some stuff.

Did you go the bank or something while out? I read recently that these douches watch banks and target people who withdraw large sums.

Anyway, its terrible how this keeps happening to people. Glad that you have pretty awesome neighbours, it's very cool of them to help out. Gives hope that there are still decent people around =)