Sunday, July 8, 2012

Of Clown Fish and Nothing Else

Sorry for the long hiatus. To apologize, here's a long one for you hahahaha.

Was at Perhentian to complete our dive course. 3 (out of 4) dive students came back as a certified scuba diver whee! I am of course one of the 3 who passed! Hello fishie fishieee :D

Alex had been pestering me to get a diving license so we can go together, as buddies. I wanted to but couldn't really get it to fit it into my financial year budget list. I’d rather save up for a Prada hahahahaha.

So when TzeLing told me about her dive course with her fulltime manager part-time dive instructor, who charges zero instructor fee, I jumped at it. Cheap whatt!

It got a lot better for me when Alex made this my 26th birthday gift :D

We had a longgg 10-hour drive from KL to KB, because we didn’t take the shortcut (didn’t know there’s one and the boys didn’t trust the Google Map and relied on signboards instead) so we had to endure bumpy trunk roads filled with huge lorries moving slower than a tortoise wtf.

Ok skip to Perhentian because there’s nothing interesting on our way up, except stocking and munching on unhealthy junk food. Scenery pics first!

View from our (lousy) accommodation

That was my first and going to be my last stay at Rock Garden. Imagine being all tired and woozy from the dive trips and all I want to do it to flop on the bed but in between there were like thousands of steps to go through. Every single time I climb up to my room, I’d be bitching about it.

But apart from those 2 issues, our trip was awesomeee loves!

Photo credits TzeLing

I get to see a lot of cute fishies albeit there were dangerous ones around. The beginner’s dive spot has beautiful corals and cute fishes but a more advanced dive spot was flocked with jellyfishes and trigger fishes. I almost suffered from panic attacks just by looking at the jellyfishes.

I was particularly enticed by the clownfish a.k.a. Nemo fish! They were everywhere, and I even spotted a panda Nemo fish! Black and white with a tinge of orange damn cutee! Too bad no pic so here's one cute shot of a clown fish for youuu.

Photo credits Pamela Shea

My dive instructor's favourite fish - The yellow boxfish. Also very cute can die. Photo credits Pamela Shea

Pics of us struggling to look good underwater hahahaha. I had to use a waterproof bandage to protect my wounds I got from that unfortunate snatch theft. Photo credits Richard Yeoh

While I was totally in love with cute, bright-coloured sea creatures, I dreaded the journey to and from the dive boat. Heck, I had to carry a freaking heavy tank on my back. That short distance felt like a mile to me.

Apart from the sea creatures, it was also a big bonus (to us girls) to have 2 really good looking foreign guys working at the dive centre we were at. One was an Aussie, one from dunno where I forgot. Spot them spot them!

Managed to secretly snipe their pictures ahhahahaha. I liked the curly blondie guy more. Angel and TzeLing preferred the dark-skinned one.

So in total we had a million dives throughout our stay at the island (actually just 5 but felt like a million cause of the weight and all wtf). Luckily there are places to chill at night since we’re not qualified to go for night dives.

At first thought Perhentian Kechil damn dead wan compared to Perhentian Besar, primarily cause of its name but luckily I was wrong!

Bright pink long top from! Can be doubled as a dress :D

Chilled at Black Tip on the final night with Orang Utan Arak Kuning wtf. Direct translation would be Orang Utam Alcohol Yellow. Damn dodgy but it didn’t taste that bad.

The food we had. Love the King Fish grilled set and Blue Marlin grilled set the most. Damn value for money, RM 20 each only

Another highlight of this trip would be the drive back to KL. We went on a hunt for 3 items – Terengganu’s famous keropok lekor (goreng), Raub’s famous curry fish head and chicken, and the godlike Musang King durian!

And we managed to get ‘em all! And our journey back took 6 hours plus only, including all our pitstops and pigging time #heroface

The banana fritters were superb too! Soft and moist on the inside, crunchy and flavourful on the outside

Only at Raub: Ratha's famous curry fish head and curry chicken

Only RM 12 / kg crazy right where to find so cheap so we cleared up his Musang King stock for the day lolol.

Here's one last pic of us being silly. I thought it was pretty good hahahahaha the boys pulled it off well. Roy (far left) was comical while Alex was yeng douuuu.

Photo credits Hiew Chee Faun

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