Saturday, August 25, 2012

Another Productive Saturday!

So. Another round of photoshoot today. It's supposed to be a fortnight thingy but I had committed to another job during the entire Merdeka weekend so I had to do this today. 

Lucky me blogshop owners Miss M and Miss C were flexible and understanding enough to accommodate.

Was supposed to be at The Butter Factory yesterday night for its official launch cum Daren's birthday but couldn't make it at the very last minute cause Alex had a fever :( Decided to stay home cause I didn't have transport to take care of the sick boy.

So with all the sudden free time I had, I decided to curl my hair for the fun of it. My second time doing it lol.

Below: Sneak peek from today's shoot. Guess which one I couldn't resist buying? :)) Sigh I'm gonna go broke if I let this impulsive traits get the better of me wtf.

All these shots are focused neck down, without my face, except for one or two to be the album cover. During my first session last week, I thought I did okay with the product shots but not the full length ones. I looked kind of tired .. well then again, maybe I was. 

I'm feeling much better today so hopefully the cover shots will be better.

My Saturday has been productive so far. Meeting up the birthday boy Daren and a few others for dinner soon! Hope it's not too late to wish happy weekend to everyone! xx.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Raya Weekend Pt. 2

I lead a really unhealthy lifestyle during the weekends and public holidays. Throughout my 4-day weekend, I have been sleeping at about 2-3 am and wake up just in time for lunch. Except last Saturday when I had to get up really early for a photoshoot and today, I got up wayy past lunch time wtf.

Alex and I met up with Tzeling and Hansze yesterday for lunch at Hokkaido Ichiba, One Utama. I showed up in my new dress I got from PeepBoutique the day before. So in love with the soft pastel colours *swoon

Outfit of the day:
Marshmallow dress by PeepBoutique
Bag: Gucci Sukey Tote
Sandals by NIchi

Picture credits

PeepBoutique named this "For That Afternoon Wedding" dress but Alex thought it looked like marshmallows so he called it "The Marshmallow Dress".

And it was kind of infectious that I called it the marshmallow dress myself.

Actually come to think of it, it does look like marshmallows hahahahah.

The rest of my day yesterday was spent on grocery shopping like husband and wife, watching The Bourne Legacy, and downloading and watching the Bourne Trilogy (Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum). 

That's the reason I woke up at 2pm today -_-

Picture credits

Bourne Legacy was quite a disappointment btw. I love Jeremy Renner and I thought the action scenes were quite cool but the ending was a letdown :(

For our (very) late lunch today, we decided to go to Antipodean Cafe, Bangsar. I wasn't feeling so good since yesterday and my condition didn't improve much so yea, good food for the sick one :))

We heard a lot of raves about this place and decided to give it a try. Plus it was way past lunchtime so we figured the crowd wouldn't be that crazy.

Scrambled Egg Salmon on Toast (RM 19)

Big Breakfast (RM 19)

I ordered the Scrambled Egg Salmon on Toast and a glass of hot chocolate (RM 8) and Alex had the Big Breakfast. While I love my lunch (the hot choc was really good imho), Alex thought the portion was a little too much to handle, to the extend he couldn't finish it and I wiped it clean for him wtf.


Damn. Work starts tomorrow.

Abrupt end cause dunno what else to say. I'm a little blur from the fever, the lack of sleep and the dreadful feeling of having to be in the office tomorrow. Okthxbye. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Raya Weekend Pt. I

So today's the second day of my 4-day raya weekend. Those who are not on my Facebook, blessed Eid ul-Fitr! (Follow me on my Facebook page!)

It's past midnight already (I'm typing this at 2am wtf) and I'm still up doing a whole lot of nonsense simply because I do not want to sleep early on a Sunday night T_T

Saturday morning: Productive!

Woke up early on a Saturday for a blogshop photoshoot. Since that was our first time working together, we spent longer hours to finish up two very pretty collections. I was very enticed by quite a few pieces so I told the blogshop owners (let's call them Miss M and Miss C) I'd be making a loss if I were to run this fashion business wtf.

That black laced dress was one of my favourite pieces! Alex loved it on me as well, so much that he whipped out his camera the moment I stepped out in it :D

Saturday lunch: Tasty fish noodles for lunch!

We took off for a quick lunch at Norway Salmon Fish Head Noodles. I love salmon but I hate eating the fish head all the bones omg so I ordered the FIsh Paste Noodles (with some sort of chinese wine) instead. 

Verdict: Delicious! There are two soup base to choose from. Miss M, Miss C and myself had the milky fish flavoured soup while Alex had the curry flavoured one. Tried Alex's but I liked mine better. The one I had had this very light fishy smell, and it was somewhat sourish and pungent (probably from the wine) but the entire combination worked well for me. Then again, I figured this is an acquired taste as not many love fish and the milky base soup.

The rest of my Saturday: Lazing at home

After the shoot, Alex and I had to rush to Bangsar for another brief appointment. And I did a lil shopping too!

I'm a happy girl! *jumps

We then spent the next few hours up until 2am surfing the net, streaming different versions of Gangnam Style wtf damn funny that dude, cleaning up the room and more. 

Sunday morning: The alarm didn't go off!

We woke up at noon .. -_-"

Sunday lunch: IKEA moments

We thought the place was gonna be empty but NO it was packed with people! I thought got sales or something otherwise why so many people wan?! Turned out, tourists decided to flock IKEA for some furniture shopping just because it was a long weekend D:

After barely 10 minutes at IKEA, we couldn't stand it any longer so we sped off to the food court area, hoping to have my favourite poached salmon and his favourite meatballs. 

The food court was exactly like an extremely busy morning market D: wtf!

We had the IKEA hotdogs and curry puffs for lunch instead T_T

After lunch we took a lazy afternoon stroll at The Curve fashion street and got myself a red varsity jacket I always wanted! 

Outfit of the day:
Black tank top (hidden): Mango
Red chiffon cardigan:
Jeans: Prada
Sling bag: Mango
Sandals: Nichii

I'm a happy girl again! *jumps jumps

The rest of my Sunday: More shopping

Only this time it wasn't for me. Dad wanted a fashion watch pretty badly so I figured us kids could buy him one for his 53rd birthday. I know I'm such a good daughter LOLOL.

Alex and I went to Pavilion for dinner and to look at watches. Saw one really classy one by Frederique Constant, priced more than 60 grand omg what sorcery wtf my eyes almost popped and I instantly moved away from it. Scary sial -_-

From that very quick one hour of watch window shopping, I took interest in this piece by Cerruti 1881. Thought it fits my dad's image plus it's nothing too fancy for a long sighted middle aged man but turned out dad wanted something that is modern enough to show its inner mechanics yet classic and antique. 

Men are really hard to please loll.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

July Babies!

It's been exactly one month and one day since my last entry D:

I'm not gonna blame it on my schedule cause it has always been this hectic yet I somehow managed to fit in an entry or two every week .. that was then. Right now my blog seems a little abandoned.

I wanted to post this last weekend but I couldn't cause I had so many birthday celebrations to attend to. Among them all, the highlight was of course a 2-year old's birthday party at JKids Playground, Tropicana City Mall. I had lots of fun being a kid all over again.

Warning: Cuteness overload!

Her failed attempt hahahaha.

Cuteness dou!

OMGG his cheeks!! *pinch

Playing with a whole bunch of kids is no easy task. I spent a whole 2 hours with them and I'm flat out. I'm never gonna have more than 2 young kids at one time -_-

Then it was Advertlets founder Josh Lim's "29 is the new 21" birthday bash at The Pool, Ampang.

Outfit of that night:
Top: Moris Boutique, 1st Avenue, Penang
Clutch (Partially hidden): Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis
Heels: Aldo

That night, I got a lot of "Erica! Long time no see blah blah WAHHH cute outfit!"


SU-ESTILO.COM Nautical Swing Skirt in Brick Red. Damn sharp! (Click on the picture to be directed to the site) 

I super love that pink backdrop btw! #random

I wanted that skirt for the longest time but I wasn't too sure of the length. I was afraid it would be too short on me. Didn't manage to get the red one I wanted so badly cause it was sold out sobs so I settled with this white number (SU-ESTILO.COM was kind enough to let me try it on).

And it's equally as gorgeous!

That's the birthday boy man! He's all wet cause the boys dunked him into the pool LOLL


Photo above credits to Jaz Khai and team!

I just rewarded myself another gorgeousss top from SU-ESTILO.COM. Saw it, tried it and I absolutely love it on me! Will feature it when I have the chance to show it off :))

(Click on the picture to be directed to the site) 

And last but not least, the gorgeous Jane Kwan's birthday! This lucky babe's awesome boyf had everything planned out to surprise her again and again with loads of gifts and moments with her loved ones.

Brought my Canon S100 to the surprise birthday dinner but totally forgot to use it wtf -.-

No photos of her, in case jealous boyf got into rage. LOLOL just kidding ok Daren Yoooon.