Saturday, August 25, 2012

Another Productive Saturday!

So. Another round of photoshoot today. It's supposed to be a fortnight thingy but I had committed to another job during the entire Merdeka weekend so I had to do this today. 

Lucky me blogshop owners Miss M and Miss C were flexible and understanding enough to accommodate.

Was supposed to be at The Butter Factory yesterday night for its official launch cum Daren's birthday but couldn't make it at the very last minute cause Alex had a fever :( Decided to stay home cause I didn't have transport to take care of the sick boy.

So with all the sudden free time I had, I decided to curl my hair for the fun of it. My second time doing it lol.

Below: Sneak peek from today's shoot. Guess which one I couldn't resist buying? :)) Sigh I'm gonna go broke if I let this impulsive traits get the better of me wtf.

All these shots are focused neck down, without my face, except for one or two to be the album cover. During my first session last week, I thought I did okay with the product shots but not the full length ones. I looked kind of tired .. well then again, maybe I was. 

I'm feeling much better today so hopefully the cover shots will be better.

My Saturday has been productive so far. Meeting up the birthday boy Daren and a few others for dinner soon! Hope it's not too late to wish happy weekend to everyone! xx.


Unknown said...

Hi, have a pleasant times.

Unknown said...

Hi, have a pleasant times.

Anonymous said...

very chic. 2 thumbsup!

ccc said...

you bought second?