Saturday, August 18, 2012

July Babies!

It's been exactly one month and one day since my last entry D:

I'm not gonna blame it on my schedule cause it has always been this hectic yet I somehow managed to fit in an entry or two every week .. that was then. Right now my blog seems a little abandoned.

I wanted to post this last weekend but I couldn't cause I had so many birthday celebrations to attend to. Among them all, the highlight was of course a 2-year old's birthday party at JKids Playground, Tropicana City Mall. I had lots of fun being a kid all over again.

Warning: Cuteness overload!

Her failed attempt hahahaha.

Cuteness dou!

OMGG his cheeks!! *pinch

Playing with a whole bunch of kids is no easy task. I spent a whole 2 hours with them and I'm flat out. I'm never gonna have more than 2 young kids at one time -_-

Then it was Advertlets founder Josh Lim's "29 is the new 21" birthday bash at The Pool, Ampang.

Outfit of that night:
Top: Moris Boutique, 1st Avenue, Penang
Clutch (Partially hidden): Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis
Heels: Aldo

That night, I got a lot of "Erica! Long time no see blah blah WAHHH cute outfit!"


SU-ESTILO.COM Nautical Swing Skirt in Brick Red. Damn sharp! (Click on the picture to be directed to the site) 

I super love that pink backdrop btw! #random

I wanted that skirt for the longest time but I wasn't too sure of the length. I was afraid it would be too short on me. Didn't manage to get the red one I wanted so badly cause it was sold out sobs so I settled with this white number (SU-ESTILO.COM was kind enough to let me try it on).

And it's equally as gorgeous!

That's the birthday boy man! He's all wet cause the boys dunked him into the pool LOLL


Photo above credits to Jaz Khai and team!

I just rewarded myself another gorgeousss top from SU-ESTILO.COM. Saw it, tried it and I absolutely love it on me! Will feature it when I have the chance to show it off :))

(Click on the picture to be directed to the site) 

And last but not least, the gorgeous Jane Kwan's birthday! This lucky babe's awesome boyf had everything planned out to surprise her again and again with loads of gifts and moments with her loved ones.

Brought my Canon S100 to the surprise birthday dinner but totally forgot to use it wtf -.-

No photos of her, in case jealous boyf got into rage. LOLOL just kidding ok Daren Yoooon.

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SaraO said...

babe, awhsome get-up at josh's party!!