Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder Rub

Alex has this really bad habit - He tends to slouch against the bed frame while he's on his Macbook, and later complains of the pain in his neck and shoulders, which we quickly associated it to his bad posture, sleeping position or work stress.

The pain got worse; to the extent he couldn't turn his head. Whenever he had to face someone he had to move his entire body, very robotic. He looked really funny when he does that hahahahaha and I always laughed at that wtf. Already in pain, girlfriend didn't sympathize, but laughed instead fhl.

He consulted a doc and came home with strips of pills, which helped to soothe the pain just a lil. 

#random so one day after movie at One Utama, we dropped by Caring Pharmacy to stock up on some necessities. Alex came across the Tiger Balm Plaster and decided to give it a shot since the prescribed drugs didn't do any good to his stiff muscle.

I'm writing this to share a wonderful product by Tiger Balm, which in Alex's case, tops that expensive prescribed drugs. So in case you feel all stressed out or have a body ache, give this a try before going to the doctor.

Verdict: The Tiger Balm patch we got off the rack from a local pharmacy? It worked like magic! Within a day or two, the tight muscle at his neck and shoulders were soothed and relaxed! No pain, damn fast, damn efficient and your poor organs don't have to suffer consequences from oral meds.

Since then, Alex vouched by it. Whenever he has any slightest body aches, he would buy the patch. He seriously OD-ed on it wtf.

Although the Tiger Balm patch was effective and long lasting, the patch was pretty obvious, especially when it’s plastered on his neck.

So I got him these!

Tiger Balm came up with a solution dedicated for neck and shoulder tension! The Tiger Balm neck and shoulder rub is clean and does not leave unsightly oily residue on the skin so it’s really practical, especially when he needs to be out and meet people.

Alex likened the Tiger Balm neck and shoulder rub to a massage session at a parlour, except that this gives an on-the-go “massage”, without any kinky acts ahem.

He’s a huge fan of massage sessions btw, while I’m not quite, mainly because certain masseuses really go all out to “torture” you and my dainty body just couldn’t take the pressure and beating.

You know, before I got him this ointment, Alex always had that two Tiger Balm patch plastered on the back of his neck, even when he attended meetings with clients wtf.

The Tiger Balm neck and shoulder rub comes in two variants: Regular, and one with a boost. I got him one of each.

This product is water-based so it has this clean and non-greasy feel which makes it practical when you need to be out and meet people. 

The regular one is for mild neck and shoulder aches while the one with the 'boost' has extra strength and lasting relief. I tried it on me and I could still feel the heat and cooling sensation after hours of applying it.

Try this product yourself and you be the judge. Alex is obviously a huge fan already and since I witnessed the 'magic', I guess I am too. I have not experienced any muscular aches on my neck/shoulders and I definitely don't look forward to the day I need to use it, though when the time comes (*TOUCH WOOOOOD) I would know what to look for to soothe the pain.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

LuckyBid.com.my – A New Auction Site in Malaysia

A genuine and fun online auction site, strictly not for the weak heart. A normal person like myself could easily get a heart attack from all that countdown.

But if you’re up for it, quickly get yourself registered at LuckyBid! How to win? Simple. Buy darts pack, snipe on your desired item and try your best to be the last bidder before the auction closes!

Hint: LuckyBid is quite new still so now’s the perfect time to snipe! Not many competitors yet mah! 700+ followers only!! GOGOGO!

Being the kiasu me, I started stalking the site right from the day it was launched. LuckyBid has quite a number of interesting items up for bidding, from the very sought after gadgets like iPhone4s (and probably the newly launched iPhone5), to daily lifestyle needs wants like Chatime and Starbucks vouchers.

Then I saw it. The perfect thing to have for someone like me.

Credits google.com

My sense of direction is like the ultimate fail case. Recently, after sending Alex to his office at Kelana Jaya from Bandar Utama, I somehow ended up in Klang wtf. This one really wtfff. I almost cried in the car T_T

And today, I got lost finding my way to Holiday Inn Malacca -.-

Those who clicked 'LIKE', you guys are evil! lol.

So yea. Garmin it is!

I purchased a 50 darts pack and with 8 free darts upon registration, I have a total of 58 darts to fire away! LuckyBid has an additional feature which bids on behalf of users. I used this feature to get the Garmin I wanted because I had to be off for an appointment, but I ended up losing the Garmin to someone else. 


Quote Liam Neeson from the movie ‘Taken’: I don’t know who you are ….. but I will find you, and I will kill you HAHAHAHHA.

Kidding -.-

Lesson learnt. If you want to bid for something, keep your eyes glued onto the screen cause if you’re out of darts to bid, you can always replenish so your money will not go to waste. Haih.

Online auction sites like LuckyBid is fun, it’s exciting and it’s highly addictive, especially when you’ve won some items at a fraction of its retail price. To be the last man standing, it requires perseverance and some kiasu traits too hahahaha. Remember, bid smart. Be patient, focused and ready to snipe when the time is right.

Have fun, and good luck!

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