Wednesday, September 5, 2012

H-Artistry at KWC, KL!

I’ve been out of the scene for quite some time but the one event I will try not to miss is the Hennessy Artistry. When it comes to major functions, Hennessy has never failed to impress the crowd. I won’t deny, I was somewhat skeptical when I knew HA is going to be held at KWC. I mean like .. KWC are u kidding me -_-“

KWC stands for Kenanga Wholesale City, if u don’t already know. It’s heaven for shopaholics. Like me. :D

My last Hennessy event was held at the Mines and the event was no doubt a big success. And this time, despite it being at a whole new (and unexpected) location, I’m quite sure they will pull it off. Damn big confidence in them ok so they better not disappoint hahahaha.

At H-Artistry, a wide range of beverages are served, namely Hennessy of course, with coke / water / apple / berry / ginger ale / soda. Everyone gets to choose their favourite mix so take your pick! Personally I love Hennessy with apple, followed by berry.

ANDD it will be headlined by performances by international and local artistes, and also lots and lots, and LOTS of Hennessy V.S.O.P.!

Love this artistic shot!

Invited artistes this year: 
Eva Simons (Netherlands) - Dance genre
Angger Dimas (Indonesia) - Electro House genre
Nasty & Guruguru a.k.a. Base Agents (Malaysia) - Big Room & Electro House genre
B.A.T.E aka Brain and the Eye (Malaysia) - Hard Dance & Hard Style genre

Eva Simons looked damn hot! I've wanted to rock this hairstyle for the longest time but every time I set my mind on it, I ended up chickening out at the very last minute wtf. 

So. I have two invites to giveaway. Since this most awaited event is like around the corner (apologize for the late write-up), contest ends tomorrow at 10pm and the winner will be announced on my Facebook page so better follow me here! xx

All you have to do is to .. tell me why you deserve this exclusive pair of invites. Post your version on my Facebook page! The most creative one wins! Also try get your friends to support you by liking your wall post although the number of likes is not the sole determinant ;)

So, hurry hurry! Contest starts now!

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H-Artistry is definitely the party to be this September so see you there this Saturday xoxo.
Opens only to non-Muslims above 18

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Regina Shwartz said...

They mentioned that this KWC event would be #2 of the 3 events - makes me wonder if there's gonna be another after this at Mines too.