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PETRONAS Sentuhan Kasih Ramadan at Kg Bukit Kala

A few of my housemates have been religiously volunteering at PETRONAS’ charity events, particularly at the Program Bakti Pendidikan PETRONAS (PBPP). I’m not proud to say I haven’t done much about it, mainly because I find it a challenge to dig myself up on Saturday mornings.

I hardly participate in blood donation drives either despite being an ‘O positive’ cause I have this low blood pressure thingy. I don’t have enough for myself to the extend I could faint anytime (fainted at Roti Boy KLCC on Valentine’s Day this year my colleagues thought I was heartbroken or something wtf).

So. It’s time to give back to the society, and I finally did. *heroface

On 12 July 2012, I participated in the PETRONAS Sentuhan Kasih program at Kg Orang Asli Bukit Kala at Gombak. PETRONAS, together with volunteers from PETRONAS’ Facebook friends and Advertlets, played host to about 550 families in the orang asli settlement in conjunction with the Ramadan month.

Sentuhan Kasih is PETRONAS’ community engagement program. It aims to provide assistance to disadvantaged communities during festive periods such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Hari Gawai and Deepavali.

We gathered at the Twin Towers at 6.30 am. It was too early for me to even remember what happened that morning. All I could recall was that I met a really sweet red-haired girl, Karmun; and the next thing I knew, we reached the Orang Asli settlement.

Karmun and I, in the bus

Photo credits

Breakfast was a packet of nasi lemak and a piece of my favourite “green kuih” aka kuih ketayap. I had the habit of calling it the “green kuih” since I was young.

Then we gathered for a short morning stretch and exercise routine before being assigned to different tasks.

There were about a 100 of volunteers that day!

Let’s all stretchhhhh .. !! Photo credits

Photo credits

I couldn’t help noticing local celebrities Siti Saleha and Gambit. They really stood out from the crowd. Good to know these people are willing to contribute to the society as well :D

1st Assignment: To sweep the ground clean from all the dried (and muddy) leaves

2nd Assignment: To help prepare lunch (and eat!)

Sup tulang (bottom right) was superb!

One of the main attraction is of course the making of lemang aka glutinous rice in bamboo, especially ones who had never knew how it was being done. Guilty. :) Unlike goodies like durians, lemang is available all year round but it is exceptionally special during the Hari Raya festive season.

3rd Assignment: To scrape the rusty but off the bridge

Other fun activities include lucky draws, buluh sumpit contest (I don’t know what that is called in English), and a lot of fun knowledge-based stuff for the children.

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Blogger Zulaika and I being interviewed by Siti Saleha


Photo credits PETRONAS Facebook Page

The event ended at about 4pm and all of us headed back to the Twin Towers. We were tired from all the hard work (and early mornings) but I guess all’s good when we looked back and see all the happy faces. They enjoyed the food, our presence, the entertainment, and were grateful for all the help we have given.

So, yea I now have something noble to be included in my life experiences :)) It's totally worth the hours spent.

Enjoy the video below guys!

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ccc said...

good. and you have a kind heart to begin with.

some people don't even think about helping others, i think.