Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Petronas Reaches Out with the Cheer of Deepavali

Over the years, Petronas’ festival celebration campaigns have become one of the most anticipated elements. Petronas is well-known for its TV commercials as most of them, if not all, have touched many hearts for their heartwarming glimpses of the lives of ordinary Malaysians. With Deepavali just around the corner, the whole country is preparing for a huge celebration. Petronas launched a campaign in conjunction with Deepavali, themed “Be the Light A Celebration of Culture and Tradition”, with core messages of positive attributes and values associated with the spirit and celebration of Deepavali. The campaign is complemented with a series of television commercials and greetings, as well as print ads in the local papers.

Similar to previous campaigns, this campaign aims to promote common values, tradition and the culture we share in multiethnic Malaysia. The entire campaign, which runs from 5th to 25th of Nov’12, comprises the following:

- Exhibition in Galeri Petronas, inspired by old Indian heritage, showcasing the Indian culture and tradition as Deepavali is celebrated
- TV commercials and greetings featuring talents/personalities who have starred in Petronas  previous festive ads
- A series of Deepavali greetings and print ads in the local papers

Deepavali greetings by Sharifah Amani

I was just at the Galeri Petronas early this week and all I can say is, Petronas once again holds up its reputation when it comes to campaigns and advertisements. Their effort and sincerity were clearly seen in pretty much all the events arranged by Petronas in conjunction with the Deepavali campaign.

People from all ages are in festive mood already, albeit with some ups and downs along the way. Shit happens, like this poor lady who got her house wiped out by the flood, but like any other festival celebrations, Deepavali is an occasion to let go of our worries, frustrations and disappointments; and just be happy and joyful.

Take this opportunity to forget the downsides and be merry. So, along with the cheer of Deepavali, I would like to wish Happy Deepavali to all the Indian communities around the world, and happy holidays to the rest! :)

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