Saturday, December 29, 2012

My New Skincare & Beauty Regime!

Just a month back, my skin PMS-ed big time and I had a major breakout - to the extend I felt  ugly and my confidence level was at its lowest. Did any of you even notice? Or did the foundation and that make up managed to work its magic? :P 

Fact is, I grew up having to deal with bad skin and uneven skin tone. :( The picture above was taken when the acne rage was at its peak, but thankfully it wasn't visible in any of the photos. Good make up skills (LOL!) and good photo editing by the photographer sigh -_-

During that tough period, I became very wary of pictures being taken and would tend to shy away when I did not have any make up on my face. 

Top: Bad skin, in 2008, with ex-colleague during my internship at Altera Corp.
Bottom: Altera Corp.'s badminton competition

Seriously, there is not one person who would not want clear skin. Someone like me would consider a girl with good complexion above average, regardless of her facial features, because good complexion is something we are not blessed with :(

I got to know of a new range of skincare by NIVEA - Pure & Natural range. Apparently, these are Princess Kate Middleton's choice of skincare product, as she was spotted buying NIVEA products!

 Source: or click picture to be directed

SO, I attended the media launch at Delicious @ Dua Residency, just to find out more about this range of products before investing money into one of my many experiments in my quest to achieve flawless complexion.

 Really love the whole event setup - soft and demure in white and blue

Everyone gets this pretty little wrist corsage. It's still in my room! (: 

With Advertlets founder Josh Lim

Fashion show by Dominique Chan.

I got home with a bunch of stuff, very excited to get myself started with the NIVEA Pure & Natural products. So, first up, after a nice hot shower hahahaha;

Still clad in my bathrobe yo! 

#nomakeup Notice the visible scars on my face? :( This is already at its healing stage so you can imagine how bad it was D:

First up, NIVEA Pure & Natural cleansing lotion. Since I did not have any foundation or make up on, I skipped the NIVEA cleasing wipes a.k.a. make up remover.

Next: NIVEA Pure & Natural cleansing toner. This is my favourite step as my skin feels very refreshed after.

 This may not be my favourite as I generally dislike putting cream onto my face but it is THE UTMOST IMPORTANT step of all! Nivea Pure & Natural moisturizing day cream. This was the exact product Princess Kate picked up from a store in the UK!


So I kind of ditched my skincare products and focused on my new ones by NIVEA Pure & Natural! I'm crossing my fingers on this! I have been using these for almost a week now, and so far so good! I'm seeing some improvement on my skin tone, blemishes and skin texture. Good investment yo.

 Clockwise from top left: Cleansing lotion, cleasing toner, body lotion, deodorant, facial cleansing wipes (a.k.a. make up remover) and moisturizing day cream

NIVEA Pure & Natural is currently available in Malaysia at all Guardian Pharmacies nationwide, priced between RM 8.90 - RM 26.90 

Don't know about you guys but I love its affordability! (:

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TheJessicat said...

Wheeee! :D The theme was pretty, wasn't it? I thought it was wonderful too.
My fave product was the body lotion, tried it on immediately after getting back haha.
Nice meeting you babe! xoxo

alexlye said...

hahahaha no wonder you kept pestering me to use those.

eRiCa said...

Jessica: Yup, very pretty - especially the corsage! Nice meeting you too. See u soon!

Alex: Your skin is too dry ady. Time to retain your youthfulness. :P

Tze Ling said...

oh, new range...looks very fresh. i love their body lotion the most!

Yongie said...

Since these are Princess Kate Middleton's choice of skincare products, I presume you'll be as pretty as her in no time? =D

Unknown said...

Had a outbreak out in 2009 too.. Took me about a year to keep it under control..

Btw, Hola, drop by to say hallo after so many years since we talked..

ccc said...

bruised right knee? badminton 2008.