Tuesday, October 22, 2013

He Says, She Says #6 - Foodporn

Me: You wanna have soup for dinner tonight?
Geeky: Ok soup sounds good
Me: Want me to get anything from Cold Storage?
Geeky: Hm...carrot, chinese cabbage and tomatoes can?
Me: Can. Chinese cabbage is what ah? The light yellow one?
Geeky: Omg ...

I'm no chef, in fact my role in the kitchen is to wash veg and do dishes lol. Speaking of which, Geeky was really sweet yesterday. I said I wanted to have green bean soup for dessert and he made a huge pot of green bean soup, just for me mwahs mwahs :D

Geeky loves to cook (thank goodness), and here's some of my favourites!

Breakfast: Jumbo pork sausages, sauteed mushrooms and scrambled eggs on toast

 Lunch: Grilled chicken (super love!) and diced fresh tomatoes in a pancake wrap, with grilled zucchinis and fresh cherry tomatoes. He made the pancake himself, using flour and eggs!

Dinner: Grilled chicken (his specialty, seriously) salad with fresh tomatoes, Parmesan cheese and sesame dressing  

Breakfast: French toast with cherry tomatoes 

Dinner: Herbal soup meehoon with pork ribs, and stir-fry Chinese cabbage

And last but not least ..

Geeky's braised pork!! So good, so sinful but it's just TOO GOOD!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

He Says, She Says #5 - TehC

Geeky loves teh c. He has this very weird addiction towards it and claimed that without it, he's doomed for constipation so to prevent that, he drinks teh c every single day omg. I told him it's all in his mind so for the sake of this health, I banned him from teh c and only allowed 3 teh c  a week.

His first few days without teh c must be pretty bad because he said going to shit is comparable to being in labour hahahahahah wtf. 

At about 1pm today ..

Geeky: I go shit first
Me: So late?
Geeky: Coz morning got meeting. And didn't get to drink teh c
Me: Hahaha I didn't get that hint. Ok go go shit.
Geeky: It's a fact, not merely a hint.
Me: HAHAHA GO LAHH later you constipated.

When he's back ..

Monday, October 14, 2013

WIcked Festival 2013 featuring Axwell and Zedd!!


Okay as mentioned (and promised) on my Facebook page, I am giving away exclusive invites to The Wicked Festival 2013, happening this 23 November!! *throws confetti

In case some of you wondered what's the hype all about, guess what - Axwell, the King from Swedish House Mafia pilots the crew!! 

.. AND for the very first time in East Asia, Zedd will hit our stage and shed us some clarity. The magnitude of talents will melt your brains as No_ID from Amsterdam takes the stage along with DJ Nikki, BATE, Hightech, Ramsey Westwood and Captain Ed. The punches will come, blow after blow, one after another, all in a single night. Again, this is not for the faint-hearted.

The Swedish House Mafia was first heard in 2007, in the Main Room at Cream Amnesia. Comprising of himself, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello, the enigmatic trio decided to put their talents together to give birth to music that would stun the world and revolutionize the entire EDM industry. Very quickly after, it was chanted by hordes in the millions, echoing from all corners of the world.

Axwell - Tomorrowland 2013

He is none other than the best EDM artiste in the world, Axwell. And he will be here, at The Wicked Festival 2013!

In 2009, Skrillex discovered a young prodigy whose music embodies the evolution in Electronic Dance Music and signed him into his label, OWSLA, Zedd was his name. Along the way he has produced tracks for the likes of Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, P. Diddy, Swedish House Mafia, and was also awarded Billboard #1 dance track of 2012. Today, his performance mesmerize millions in mega festivals like Tomorrowland, Stereosonic, Lollapalooza, Ultra and many more.

Some of you may not recognize him by name, but I'm pretty sure his hit song 'Clarity' would ring a bell!

Zedd - Clarity ft. Foxes

So, where else can something so wicked be, if not at the Sepang International Circuit! 

The Belgians have Tomorrowland, the Americans have Electric Daisy Carnival/Ultra Music Festival and the Australians have Future Music Festival. 

We, have Wicked Festival: 100% Original, 100% Malaysian.

So mark your calendars as the year draws to an end. November 23, Sepang International Circuit, or check out www.wicked.com.my for more info!

The tickets are now ready for purchase!

RM99 (Early Bird) 
RM129 (Presale) 
RM169 (Door) 
RM259 (VIP)

These tickets are available at www.ticketpro.com.my, Rock Corner and Victoria Music Centre at all major shopping malls and Muscle Mania outlets. Check out Wicked Festival Official Facebook page for more info!


SO. Invites giveaway timeeee! 

1. Go to my Facebook page (and like it, of course!)
2. In less than 20 words, tell me why do you deserve those passes. POST THIS ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE. Only those will be considered and judged.
3. Be as creative as possible, and get your friends to like your post too!
4. Judging is based on your creativity as well as the number of likes! Each winner will walk away with a pair of either the VIP passes or the regular ones.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

He Says, She Says #4 - Those Magic Words

We were on some random topic on gtalk when ..

Geeky: Ah shit just remember got meeting in half an hour. More work come through email now I dunno where to start.
Me: You can start by telling me those magic words :D
Geeky: What magic words?
Me: The words that I insist you say it only when you really mean it la.
Geeky: I always mean it loh.
Me: Lol so what is it?
Geeky: Please?
Me: PLEASE?? Yerrr why guys so dense one. It's okla you go do your work while I sit here merajuk.

merajuk = sulk (english), lao kai (canto)

Geeky: Haha eh I dunno what you talking about.
Me: You said you got a lot to do and dunno where to start then I said you can start by saying magic words to me. (Have to explain samo wtf)
Geeky: Ohhhhhhhhh haha I miss you .. and I mean it one.

The trouble I had to go through for those 3 words seriously wtf lol guys tsk tsk.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

He Says, She Says #2 and #3 - So Much Win

Last weekend bro was in KL and while having brunch at TableTalk, TTDI ..

Bro: My friend just bought a Pandora charm for SGD 80! Wah I didn't know Pandora is so expensive sial. 
Me: Yeah about the same as Thomas Sabo la. I bought a dog charm for RM 250.
Geeky: Not too bad la. Tiffany is wayy worse.
Me: Eh. Have you heard of the saying "Every girl needs a Tiffany" .. ?
Geeky: Nope but I know every guy hates Tiffany.

A colleague was eyeing on a Chanel bag and asked me to accompany her during lunch hour to check out the bag and I instantly agreed to tag along lol.

Geeky: Yer just because I said the bag is ugly you attacked me on FB.
Me: HAHAHA I did not! 

Then my friend, Badreldin commented on my status:

Me: Oklah. Next time I will ask you to pick something to match my beauty!
Geeky: Shit I'm digging my own grave


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

He Says, She Says #1

I consider myself an avid follower of fourfeetnine’s blog, especially during her pregnancy drama. It was then when I came across her loving husband’s blog – when he wrote about the mental and physical struggles throughout the entire ordeal.

It was so touching I teared while reading it in the office wtf luckily no one noticed.

One day I was so bored I didn’t know what to do (when in fact I had loads to do i.e. study for my upcoming assessment shit I’m screwed) I went into timothytiah’s blog and found myself getting hooked on his series of “Things shorty & fatty say”.

Shorty = fourfeetnine
Fatty = timothytiah

I read all 276 witty entries (to-date) and I had this very reminiscing feeling throughout, and I imagined how nice it would be to revisit such priceless memories and silly moments, many many years down the road.

(When I first got into a relationship with my current other half, I referred him as Geeky on this blog, to keep him anonymous but my effort was futile lol since almost everyone knows who he is already)

So Geeky made it clear he’s not so much into social media so I guess I would have to be the one doing this. Of course, it would be ideal if he were to do it instead *hinthint

Geeky made breakfast and the menu today is pork ham omelette sandwich. I never liked bread crusts so 9 out of 10 times I’ll peel it off. As I was minding my own business ..

Geeky: Wei, don’t waste food! Who’s gonna eat that?
Me: You.
Geeky: No, you eat that. Think of the hungry people in Africa.
Me: *peels crust faster
Geeky: Wah I mention people in Africa and you do it even faster!

Minutes later ..

Me: Ahh my favourite part of the sandwich! Save the best for last hehehe.

(I ate the outer part of the sandwich first (minus the crust ) and slowly nibbled on what's left in the middle)

Me: NO this is mine! Go away!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mitsubishi Electric Folio JX / BX Refrigerator Soft Launch

I was given the opportunity to attend Mitsubishi's latest refrigerator launch at Aloft Hotel @ KL Sentral. I almost didn't make it to the launch as I was still recovering from a bout of pretty serious food poisoning during my company teambuilding in Malacca.

I wasn't sure if it's the local nyonya food I had for lunch or my hearty, cholesterol laden seafood dinner. By 10pm on day 2 of my teambuilding session, I was flat on the bed, too weak to do anything :(

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Geeky was sweet enough to take a bus all the way down from KL, stayed a night and drove me home the next day (Friday). And he's also super sweet to drive all the way to KL Sentral, on a Friday night so I can be there at the Mitsubishi soft launch! #love

This time, Mitsubishi Electric Sales Malaysia brings the Mitsubishi Electric Folio JX and BX Refrigerator that features the latest and coolest breakthrough design elements to match every style a home decor could possibly be.

It incorporates top notch features with fully utilized compartments, compact frost-free freezers that minimize cool air loss and user-friendly compartments and drawers. It has energy saving feature too, and it comes in two colours - shiny brown and rose champagne.

I prefer shiny brown :D But I managed to take a picture with only the rose champagne one because there were just too many people crowding around the shiny brown one :(

After a very interesting preview and demonstration on it's amazing soft freezing technology (imagine cutting and slicing frozen beef right after it is taken out of the freezer), sumptuous dinner was served!

I was a bit pissed though because I couldn't really enjoy the food spread (and dessert!!!) as my stomach was still a little fragile from food poisoning :( I ended up leaving the baby octopus, seaweed, salmon sashimi and red wine to waste sigh. 

I had an enjoyable night despite a pretty rough week, no thanks to crazy workload and vomiting and purging. Overall, the Mitsubishi Electric Folio JX and BX Refrigerator advances in technology, user-friendly and energy saving. 

Thumbs up on this one!

P/S: I apologize on the lack of updates on my blog, so here's a teaser on my next blogpost - a fun and flirty photoshoot for a blogshop, and probably some updates on what I am up to lately :) Happy weekend! xx

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Fear of Commitment

I honestly never thought I would have this little thing called the fear of commitment. I believe in happy fairytale endings and I've always wished for a happy family – one which will not be bogged down by financial worries or lack of love and attention.

As I grow older, I begin to see things from my very own perspective. When I settled down in KL in 2009, my exposure was at its peak - met a lot of people at the few social events I attended. I must say, some gave me quite a bit of a culture shock with their wild lifestyle and partying.

At that time, I thought that people at clubs/alcoholic events were no good, decent good boys were the way to go!

Boy, was I wrong.

In 2010, a guy I was seeing went on a flirting spree behind my back just a few days after we got together. I was caught off-guard because I simply did not see that coming, judging from his decent looks and the fact that we were pretty good friends (we were from the same university) for about 4 years.  

Since then, I had this really major trust issues with men. After dumping that cheater ex, I met this seemingly wild, playful guy at an event. I was afraid of him at first but he managed to prove otherwise. He completely changed my perception and proved that all these first impression and outlook judging thingy are total bullshit.

Because he turned out to be my best boyfriend so far.

But due to some clashes, things didn't work out. Oh well.

Now I’m starting to date again .. but deep inside me, I’m afraid. I’m afraid of bad surprises. My heart is quite fragile one lor. One more bad surprise and I’ll surely get a massive heart attack wtf.

Don’t get me wrong. I do not get cold feet at the thought of committing to one person, nor do I hate thinking about the future of my relationship i.e. marriage. It’s just .. well, that one bad case of cheating ex and heartbreak has left me paranoid since, and it takes a lot for me to overcome that and trust someone again.

Until I am able to overcome this trust issue, I have a tendency to pick on the tiniest matter – basically anything that has gotta do with handling advances and temptations – and will sometimes start an argument purely based on my paranoia.

I just made myself look like I can be a damn difficult girlfriend wtf.

Growing up is tough. I hope I can go back to school and just focus on books lol.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Make a Living, Living!

None of my recent activities are part of my plan to lead a “healthier” lifestyle. I had a few cheat meals, packed with either deep fried stuff or cholesterol laden seafood. Plus my recent trip to Penang totally did not and will not help in any way. But, I’m not going to be too hard on myself and will just .. well, tweak my diet plan accordingly lol.


 Super sinful pork noodle!

Another one - Pork ramen omgwtfbbq-fat-already! 

I’ve had a rather interesting week so far. My conversation with Geeky was mainly centered on faith and trust – that both are needed to make simply anything work, be it starting a career, making relationships work, pursuing an ambition or even a childhood dream.

So Geeky said that faith + trust = eternal love

Then he suddenly came up with this: Faith + trust + money + care = eternal love

HAHAHA wtf suddenly so realistic one lol. Harsh (and the reality is kinda sad lar) but it’s so true!

Speaking of which, my trip to Bali this December is confirmed! It’s actually for Geeky’s friend’s wedding, but I was dragged invited to accompany him for the week-long vacation in Bali – and I said yes! :D

Will be staying at the pool villa at Eden Residence at the Sea in Seminyak, Bali! It’s quite costly lar but oh well, I’m excited all the same! My last trip to Bali was 4 years ago after graduation and it was like a super budgeted trip cause back then we were all poor kids.

There are a few places left in Asia which I really wanna visit. First is Japan of course. I was so close to going there for a ski holiday but due to financial constraint, I could not make it. :( See, told you money is important. No money no Japan wtf. I’d love to visit HongKong and Macau too! My colleague Urtah just booked his trip to HongKong next year! And I’ve heard so much about Taiwan that I felt it’s a must to visit there as well.

I would also love to bring my parents to HK and Macau .. someday lar when I’m not this broke T_T hopefully that could happen in the near future sigh life of a broke working adult.

Ok abrupt end cause don’t know what else to say kthxbai!

Oh btw, if you would want to know how to get free travel all year long (just like me), drop a comment in the comment box, or contact me at ericating86@gmail.com :)

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Cheers! xoxo

Friday, June 28, 2013

Club Asahi Miami @ Soju Room, Penang!

If you follow me on Facebook, you WILL BE anticipating this entry. Hint: Do sexy Russian dancers ring any bell? :P

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Last weekend I joined the Advertlets blogger gang up north to Penang, to be part of the Club Asahi Miami party! Our little road trip, both transportation and accommodation – were sponsored by Advertlets! One night stay at the Northam All Suite Hotel lor don’t play play! I totally and completely forgot to take photos of my suite damn cause I was rushing, no thanks to the horrible traffic on the mainland! We reached hotel at about 8pm, had quick dinner and rushed all the way till we were ready to leave for Soju Room!

No photos of my suite room so here’s a few taken by audreypuiyan.com! 

He had like two helpings of Penang prawn mee lol. 

I have never been to Soju Room but my brother Thomas had been harping about how interesting the place was, solely because they had sexy Russian dancers on stage! Heck, he even wanted them as his 26th birthday gift LOLOL! 

Okay Thomas don't kill me please lol

We were supposed to be there at like 9pm but we reached at 11pm lol. How typical of us Malaysians right but it’s not entirely our fault! Really gotta blame the horrible traffic on Penang mainland wtf.

I looked forward to seeing the sexy Russian girls on stage mainly because of all the excitement my bro gave, like WAHHH DAMN HOT DAMN SEXY SIAL wtf and I was like REALLY OR NOTTT lol. 

Asahi had reputable DJ Henrix and Kyroman hyping up the latest club tracks the entire night! The crowd was entertained with performances after performances, with a few surprises here and there. I was completely blown away by this super cool LED clad transformer dude, DANCING on stage wtf. 

Can shoot some sparks and fireworks samo omgwtfbbq! Seriously damn impressed!

Okay don't start comparing please T_T 

With the talented musician Daniel Wong! Photo credits advertlets.com

It’s been a while since I last stepped out to an event like this. Thanks to Advertlets and Asahi Malaysia for making this happen! xx.

I slept at 3am and had to get up at 7am just to have a hearty breakfast with my parents. What a good and filial daughter *gives self a pat on the back

And I later joined the bunch for cendol and char koay teow! The cendol at Penang Road is really NOT TO BE MISSED one lor! I was so full from breakfast but die die also finish one whole bowl of the Penang Road cendol lol.

Then Geeky and I continued our food hunt. Went for some dessert at Tong Pak Fu, and joined the massive tourist crowd to get some Penang’s famous Him Heang Tambun Biscuits a.k.a. tau sar peah a.k.a. dragon ball biscuits lol.

I bought like 10 boxes in total! Then it was lunch time, got excuse to eat so we continued our eating spree! D:

The entire road trip was fun, exciting and fattening, no thanks to the irresistible local Penang goodies! And while I’m typing away, I’m busy munching on the Tambun biscuits *munch munch