Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Branded Bags New Year SALEEE!

Ok imagine this.

On the way home from work on a Friday evening, something catches your eye. It was love at first sight! Unfortunately, Mommy always tells me never to act on impulse. So you go home, think, think again .. and again .. and you go to bed with the thought still in your head - If you should have done it; if you have missed your chance of acting with your heart, and if it’s already too late.

Or sometimes that will lead to impulse buying.


So yea. That first world problem? It’s bags. Designer bags to be exact. Our 2nd love. Well, our 1st love .. is obviously our shoes, and our third is ze boyfriend/spouse/partner hahahaha.

….so anyway, if you’re a girl like me, working in a high-end shopping mall (like KLCC wtf!) you have to make the torturous walk every day past these stores and constantly convince yourself that the Prada you wanted all your life is not a need .. right? T_T

So I was kind of on the search for a good bargain and guess what??! I found ze company with ze superb-est bargains and I GOT THIS BABY YO! BRANDED BAGS NEW YEAR SALES IS ONNN! *throws confetti

Of course, like any other kiasu Asians out there, I did my due diligence on this company first before spending a dime! 

I was obviously convinced, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought that Prada right.

So has a brilliant yet simple concept, first one ever in my 26-going-27 years of living!

Instead of forking out your hard earned money for the gorgeous items, you ( members) are able to rent the items you want for a fixed fee, for as long as you like! More often than not, you’ll have an attachment to it and absolutely refuse to return it, and .. guess what? You can get it at a reduced price, taking into consideration your contribution on the rental fees! Yea, is awesome like that yo!

To put it simply, allows you to “try before you buy”. They are putting the online shopping world to a whole new level, like seriously.

This brilliant concept is either really new or I have been living in a cave wtf.

These are the designer brands they carry. I got the Prada, and since I am a hardcore Prada fan, I am eyeing on Prada, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and more Prada lol. Chanel is not in the list yet because it’s out of my budget but gifts are totally welcomed hahahaha.

Oh and they recently brought in pretty and affordable apparels from ze Thai Designer! Check them out under the “New Arrivals” tab.

By the way, on top of all these fabulous sales, is having a giveaway on instagram too!

Click on the picture to be directed to the actual site!

I have posted the photo already, have you? :))

Don’t know about you guys, but their returns policy guarantee totally bought me! Talk about security when you are paying thousands right.

Thank you for the gorgeous Prada purse! I picked the one in Fuchsia Purple and so far, those who saw it fell in love with it too yay!

So what are you waiting for? Go check out their sales NAOO! Don’t forget to participate in their instagram giveaways too! xoxo




Vain photo to conclude hahahaha