Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Vain Verdict from a New Skincare Range AND Prizes to be Won YAY!

Remember my personal review on the new NIVEA skincare products - Pure and Natural range?

Yep, I actually ditched my old skincare products to give this a try. At this stage, I am pretty desperate to go on just any experiment to prevent my sensitive skin from breaking out again .. and again .. and again wtf.

My one week experiment proved to be a success - My skin was soft, smooth and well hydrated. And it glows too! I was flattered when a colleague complimented on my improved complexion :D

It's been about 3 weeks now, and all I can say is - I am so sticking to this range! It's affordable, easy on the skin and most importantly, so far it is doing wonders on my complexion! 

I did some research on it and apparently one of its natural ingredients, Argan Oil,  is like THE ingredient for skin nourishment. This is how Argan Oil looks like btw.


I got to know of a photo contest by NIVEA Pure & Natural themselves, with an aim to create awareness of this (awesome) product and what good the natural extracts would do to your complexion. 

Hint: Grand cash prize up to RM 6,000 and products to be won! Exciting right?!

Contest runs from 3 January up until 28 February 2013. Plenty of time for you to participate but like the saying goes, the early bird catches the (fattest) worm! LOLL


To participate, simply: 

#1 - Like the NIVEA Malaysia Facebook Page and start interacting with the Facebook app (click link to be redirected), Must "Like" the page first ok!

#2 - Pick a cover photo and your best looking profile photo, to customize them using the cute decorations provided. Sounds fun right lol.

#3 - SUBMIT!

#4 - Share with friends and family to attract votes! And one thing I like about this Facebook contest is that, although the cover photo with the most likes help you to get shortlisted, the final winners are purely based on NIVEA judges' discretion. So this isn't exactly a popularity contest no worries yo!


Ok I'm ending this entry with a few random photos. A friend demanded politely asked me to snap a few camho shots and send it to him. Super random request but yea, I was chirpy enough to entertain him lol.

The day I did not have enough rest. Slept at like 2ish am and woke up at 7am for work D: Can you spot the dark circles and eye bags? :(




ccc said...

ok thx bye :)

Rachael Writes said...

thx for the info shared! I've also participated in the contest after reading your post.