Monday, March 18, 2013

Loving the SPIKES and STUDS!

I almost never dedicate a post on my outfit of the day #ootd but yea, I'm totally in love with my latest buy, hence ..

Bowler hat from Topshot (I got it at 50% off whee!)
Studded heart top from Mango
Jeans shorts from a random boutique
Inspired Ozsama studded heels from Mixmotto!

I have seen lots and lots of #ootd posts featuring spikes and studs - from a simple tee to shorts, to jeans and flats and heels and even on caps and hats!

And the reason I did not get any, although they were and still very much are in trend, was that I never really thought that was anywhere close to my personal style.

Well, not until I saw this!

(I think I'm a really bad photographer zzz)

One word. GORGEOUSS!

And reasonably priced too!

Came across Mixmotto just a couple of weeks ago. It is a site dedicated to bringing ONLY the most talked about pieces, for those looking for something a little out of ordinary. These items are really interesting, heck they even have studded bras!

The heels are comfy and of good quality AND guess what, I'm already considering getting this Balenciaga inspired leather bracelet!

It would totally add a nice touch to the look! 


Okay I should LOLL! 

Till then! 



cre8tone said...

nice outfit!

Ivan Liaw said...

imagine a stud underwear for men. alamak how to sit? muahahaha!

Patrick ho said...

Stud bra,An innovation for prevent sexual Harrasement ??

Adam N said...

See this kind of studded bra right, it's like a 100% dedicated runway piece, why do they even bother selling it?