Friday, June 28, 2013

Club Asahi Miami @ Soju Room, Penang!

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Last weekend I joined the Advertlets blogger gang up north to Penang, to be part of the Club Asahi Miami party! Our little road trip, both transportation and accommodation – were sponsored by Advertlets! One night stay at the Northam All Suite Hotel lor don’t play play! I totally and completely forgot to take photos of my suite damn cause I was rushing, no thanks to the horrible traffic on the mainland! We reached hotel at about 8pm, had quick dinner and rushed all the way till we were ready to leave for Soju Room!

No photos of my suite room so here’s a few taken by! 

He had like two helpings of Penang prawn mee lol. 

I have never been to Soju Room but my brother Thomas had been harping about how interesting the place was, solely because they had sexy Russian dancers on stage! Heck, he even wanted them as his 26th birthday gift LOLOL! 

Okay Thomas don't kill me please lol

We were supposed to be there at like 9pm but we reached at 11pm lol. How typical of us Malaysians right but it’s not entirely our fault! Really gotta blame the horrible traffic on Penang mainland wtf.

I looked forward to seeing the sexy Russian girls on stage mainly because of all the excitement my bro gave, like WAHHH DAMN HOT DAMN SEXY SIAL wtf and I was like REALLY OR NOTTT lol. 

Asahi had reputable DJ Henrix and Kyroman hyping up the latest club tracks the entire night! The crowd was entertained with performances after performances, with a few surprises here and there. I was completely blown away by this super cool LED clad transformer dude, DANCING on stage wtf. 

Can shoot some sparks and fireworks samo omgwtfbbq! Seriously damn impressed!

Okay don't start comparing please T_T 

With the talented musician Daniel Wong! Photo credits

It’s been a while since I last stepped out to an event like this. Thanks to Advertlets and Asahi Malaysia for making this happen! xx.

I slept at 3am and had to get up at 7am just to have a hearty breakfast with my parents. What a good and filial daughter *gives self a pat on the back

And I later joined the bunch for cendol and char koay teow! The cendol at Penang Road is really NOT TO BE MISSED one lor! I was so full from breakfast but die die also finish one whole bowl of the Penang Road cendol lol.

Then Geeky and I continued our food hunt. Went for some dessert at Tong Pak Fu, and joined the massive tourist crowd to get some Penang’s famous Him Heang Tambun Biscuits a.k.a. tau sar peah a.k.a. dragon ball biscuits lol.

I bought like 10 boxes in total! Then it was lunch time, got excuse to eat so we continued our eating spree! D:

The entire road trip was fun, exciting and fattening, no thanks to the irresistible local Penang goodies! And while I’m typing away, I’m busy munching on the Tambun biscuits *munch munch

Friday, June 21, 2013

LG Fiesta with Advertlets Bloggers ft World's First 84' Ultra HD TV

SO as mentioned and promised, I was there at the LG Fiesta Roadshow that was held at Piazza, The Curve, from 7th till 9th of June.

Hosted by the ever charming Advertlets founder, Josh Lim and the sexy Charmaine Poo, the LG Fiesta Roadshow featured their latest technology devices, from the LG 84 inch HD Ultra TV (which was the main highlight btw) to the coolest cinema sound home theater

I was exposed to the various wow-factors each of these gadgets have, thanks to the very friendly and helpful LG dude (pictured above in grey shirt, with a mic) and I was exceptionally blown away by this one feature of the LG 84 inch HD Ultra TV!

Take a guess?

Call me superficial but I actually super like the fact that this TV is crazy HUGEEE! I'm a movie freak, and watching high resolution movies on an 84 inch TV is like going to the cinemas at the comfort of your own home! 

Plus, you can actually avoid the haze-craze now lol wtf.

In addition to the tour, there were a few interesting activities lined up for all the bloggers too! To me, the highlight of these fun activities was that we were forced tasked to perform a Gangnam style dance, and I can't dance to save my life omgwtf. 

So nope, I'm not posting the video of my group's performance -_-"

 Audrey, Amanda, myself and Jane!

With Jessica! Super love her cap! xx

Nevertheless, it was a really fun morning despite having to get up like really early. There was lots of laughters throughout the event!

Us girls with Josh Lim, the founder of Advertlets. 

Love this shot of us mainly cause of such vibrant colours coming together! My outfit of that day wasn't as vibrant though. Wanted to pair the fun floral skirt with a candy pink top but I couldn't find it and I was already late wtf.

All in all, it was good fun! Enjoyed myself!

kthxbai ~

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Road Trip to Penang .. for Club Asahi Miami!

Just last weekend, I got paid to go back to my hometown for 6 days, without having to take a single day off!

The stuff locals and tourists do – eat, eat and eat! Lately I have like this crazy craving for fried oyster, or fondly known as orh chien in Hokkien. I’ve been food hunting for a decent orh chien in KL/PJ but couldn’t find any. :(

And guess what, I get to go back to Penang again, for free!!

Asahi Super Dry, Japan's No.1 beer gears up for the next installment of Club Asahi!

Heard so much about Soju but have yet to step my foot in it. Excited! Will be going up north with a few people, so let me know if any of you are going too? :)

Date: 21 June 2013
Time: 9 pm till late
Venue: Soju Room (GPS your way there if you don’t know your way there)

Really can’t wait to be there! 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Live Life Large LG!

Uh sorry for the long hiatus. So many things are happening for me, all at once!! 


First it was the Malaysia general election fever, and at the same time, my travel side business was picking up like really fast, too fast for me to catch up. Good problem to have so no complaints :) 

My all-expense paid luxury trip to Phuket!

AND we finally, finally moved into our new place!

I tell you, renovations are not fun at all. Parents and myself spent a great deal browsing home decor magazines, websites and roadshows. All in all, we took close to a year just to get things sorted, executed and ready to move in. 

Preview of my room, minus the curtains and miscellaneous items such as wall art and other decorative items.

Speaking of which, I was invited to this LG's event on 8 June at The Curve! A sign for me to get a new TV for my humble room? :)

I checked out the leaflet and apparently there will be games and awesome prizes by LG to be won on that day itself! And the best blogpost for that event will win an 84inch TV omgwtfbbq!

Among the advantages it has over the others are the impressive 84inch display of course (it's 84inch wtf!), its crazy high resolution, as well as it's powerful sound system. 

*click to enlarge

So yea, which is why I'm doing this post lolol. 

If you ask me, I am particularly interested in its resolution. Imagine such a huge TV right smack in front of your face and you are able to see the person's tiny pores on the face lol.

I'll definitely be there at Piazza, The Curve to check our the offers and maybe win that 84inch TV! They will be running the roadshow from 7-9 June, 10am to 10pm so yea, see you guys there! :))