Sunday, June 2, 2013

Live Life Large LG!

Uh sorry for the long hiatus. So many things are happening for me, all at once!! 


First it was the Malaysia general election fever, and at the same time, my travel side business was picking up like really fast, too fast for me to catch up. Good problem to have so no complaints :) 

My all-expense paid luxury trip to Phuket!

AND we finally, finally moved into our new place!

I tell you, renovations are not fun at all. Parents and myself spent a great deal browsing home decor magazines, websites and roadshows. All in all, we took close to a year just to get things sorted, executed and ready to move in. 

Preview of my room, minus the curtains and miscellaneous items such as wall art and other decorative items.

Speaking of which, I was invited to this LG's event on 8 June at The Curve! A sign for me to get a new TV for my humble room? :)

I checked out the leaflet and apparently there will be games and awesome prizes by LG to be won on that day itself! And the best blogpost for that event will win an 84inch TV omgwtfbbq!

Among the advantages it has over the others are the impressive 84inch display of course (it's 84inch wtf!), its crazy high resolution, as well as it's powerful sound system. 

*click to enlarge

So yea, which is why I'm doing this post lolol. 

If you ask me, I am particularly interested in its resolution. Imagine such a huge TV right smack in front of your face and you are able to see the person's tiny pores on the face lol.

I'll definitely be there at Piazza, The Curve to check our the offers and maybe win that 84inch TV! They will be running the roadshow from 7-9 June, 10am to 10pm so yea, see you guys there! :))

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Diane said...

Your room is so pretty! Love the minimalist design