Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mitsubishi Electric Folio JX / BX Refrigerator Soft Launch

I was given the opportunity to attend Mitsubishi's latest refrigerator launch at Aloft Hotel @ KL Sentral. I almost didn't make it to the launch as I was still recovering from a bout of pretty serious food poisoning during my company teambuilding in Malacca.

I wasn't sure if it's the local nyonya food I had for lunch or my hearty, cholesterol laden seafood dinner. By 10pm on day 2 of my teambuilding session, I was flat on the bed, too weak to do anything :(

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Geeky was sweet enough to take a bus all the way down from KL, stayed a night and drove me home the next day (Friday). And he's also super sweet to drive all the way to KL Sentral, on a Friday night so I can be there at the Mitsubishi soft launch! #love

This time, Mitsubishi Electric Sales Malaysia brings the Mitsubishi Electric Folio JX and BX Refrigerator that features the latest and coolest breakthrough design elements to match every style a home decor could possibly be.

It incorporates top notch features with fully utilized compartments, compact frost-free freezers that minimize cool air loss and user-friendly compartments and drawers. It has energy saving feature too, and it comes in two colours - shiny brown and rose champagne.

I prefer shiny brown :D But I managed to take a picture with only the rose champagne one because there were just too many people crowding around the shiny brown one :(

After a very interesting preview and demonstration on it's amazing soft freezing technology (imagine cutting and slicing frozen beef right after it is taken out of the freezer), sumptuous dinner was served!

I was a bit pissed though because I couldn't really enjoy the food spread (and dessert!!!) as my stomach was still a little fragile from food poisoning :( I ended up leaving the baby octopus, seaweed, salmon sashimi and red wine to waste sigh. 

I had an enjoyable night despite a pretty rough week, no thanks to crazy workload and vomiting and purging. Overall, the Mitsubishi Electric Folio JX and BX Refrigerator advances in technology, user-friendly and energy saving. 

Thumbs up on this one!

P/S: I apologize on the lack of updates on my blog, so here's a teaser on my next blogpost - a fun and flirty photoshoot for a blogshop, and probably some updates on what I am up to lately :) Happy weekend! xx