Tuesday, October 22, 2013

He Says, She Says #6 - Foodporn

Me: You wanna have soup for dinner tonight?
Geeky: Ok soup sounds good
Me: Want me to get anything from Cold Storage?
Geeky: Hm...carrot, chinese cabbage and tomatoes can?
Me: Can. Chinese cabbage is what ah? The light yellow one?
Geeky: Omg ...

I'm no chef, in fact my role in the kitchen is to wash veg and do dishes lol. Speaking of which, Geeky was really sweet yesterday. I said I wanted to have green bean soup for dessert and he made a huge pot of green bean soup, just for me mwahs mwahs :D

Geeky loves to cook (thank goodness), and here's some of my favourites!

Breakfast: Jumbo pork sausages, sauteed mushrooms and scrambled eggs on toast

 Lunch: Grilled chicken (super love!) and diced fresh tomatoes in a pancake wrap, with grilled zucchinis and fresh cherry tomatoes. He made the pancake himself, using flour and eggs!

Dinner: Grilled chicken (his specialty, seriously) salad with fresh tomatoes, Parmesan cheese and sesame dressing  

Breakfast: French toast with cherry tomatoes 

Dinner: Herbal soup meehoon with pork ribs, and stir-fry Chinese cabbage

And last but not least ..

Geeky's braised pork!! So good, so sinful but it's just TOO GOOD!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

He Says, She Says #5 - TehC

Geeky loves teh c. He has this very weird addiction towards it and claimed that without it, he's doomed for constipation so to prevent that, he drinks teh c every single day omg. I told him it's all in his mind so for the sake of this health, I banned him from teh c and only allowed 3 teh c  a week.

His first few days without teh c must be pretty bad because he said going to shit is comparable to being in labour hahahahahah wtf. 

At about 1pm today ..

Geeky: I go shit first
Me: So late?
Geeky: Coz morning got meeting. And didn't get to drink teh c
Me: Hahaha I didn't get that hint. Ok go go shit.
Geeky: It's a fact, not merely a hint.
Me: HAHAHA GO LAHH later you constipated.

When he's back ..

Monday, October 14, 2013

WIcked Festival 2013 featuring Axwell and Zedd!!


Okay as mentioned (and promised) on my Facebook page, I am giving away exclusive invites to The Wicked Festival 2013, happening this 23 November!! *throws confetti

In case some of you wondered what's the hype all about, guess what - Axwell, the King from Swedish House Mafia pilots the crew!! 

.. AND for the very first time in East Asia, Zedd will hit our stage and shed us some clarity. The magnitude of talents will melt your brains as No_ID from Amsterdam takes the stage along with DJ Nikki, BATE, Hightech, Ramsey Westwood and Captain Ed. The punches will come, blow after blow, one after another, all in a single night. Again, this is not for the faint-hearted.

The Swedish House Mafia was first heard in 2007, in the Main Room at Cream Amnesia. Comprising of himself, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello, the enigmatic trio decided to put their talents together to give birth to music that would stun the world and revolutionize the entire EDM industry. Very quickly after, it was chanted by hordes in the millions, echoing from all corners of the world.

Axwell - Tomorrowland 2013

He is none other than the best EDM artiste in the world, Axwell. And he will be here, at The Wicked Festival 2013!

In 2009, Skrillex discovered a young prodigy whose music embodies the evolution in Electronic Dance Music and signed him into his label, OWSLA, Zedd was his name. Along the way he has produced tracks for the likes of Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, P. Diddy, Swedish House Mafia, and was also awarded Billboard #1 dance track of 2012. Today, his performance mesmerize millions in mega festivals like Tomorrowland, Stereosonic, Lollapalooza, Ultra and many more.

Some of you may not recognize him by name, but I'm pretty sure his hit song 'Clarity' would ring a bell!

Zedd - Clarity ft. Foxes

So, where else can something so wicked be, if not at the Sepang International Circuit! 

The Belgians have Tomorrowland, the Americans have Electric Daisy Carnival/Ultra Music Festival and the Australians have Future Music Festival. 

We, have Wicked Festival: 100% Original, 100% Malaysian.

So mark your calendars as the year draws to an end. November 23, Sepang International Circuit, or check out www.wicked.com.my for more info!

The tickets are now ready for purchase!

RM99 (Early Bird) 
RM129 (Presale) 
RM169 (Door) 
RM259 (VIP)

These tickets are available at www.ticketpro.com.my, Rock Corner and Victoria Music Centre at all major shopping malls and Muscle Mania outlets. Check out Wicked Festival Official Facebook page for more info!


SO. Invites giveaway timeeee! 

1. Go to my Facebook page (and like it, of course!)
2. In less than 20 words, tell me why do you deserve those passes. POST THIS ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE. Only those will be considered and judged.
3. Be as creative as possible, and get your friends to like your post too!
4. Judging is based on your creativity as well as the number of likes! Each winner will walk away with a pair of either the VIP passes or the regular ones.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

He Says, She Says #4 - Those Magic Words

We were on some random topic on gtalk when ..

Geeky: Ah shit just remember got meeting in half an hour. More work come through email now I dunno where to start.
Me: You can start by telling me those magic words :D
Geeky: What magic words?
Me: The words that I insist you say it only when you really mean it la.
Geeky: I always mean it loh.
Me: Lol so what is it?
Geeky: Please?
Me: PLEASE?? Yerrr why guys so dense one. It's okla you go do your work while I sit here merajuk.

merajuk = sulk (english), lao kai (canto)

Geeky: Haha eh I dunno what you talking about.
Me: You said you got a lot to do and dunno where to start then I said you can start by saying magic words to me. (Have to explain samo wtf)
Geeky: Ohhhhhhhhh haha I miss you .. and I mean it one.

The trouble I had to go through for those 3 words seriously wtf lol guys tsk tsk.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

He Says, She Says #2 and #3 - So Much Win

Last weekend bro was in KL and while having brunch at TableTalk, TTDI ..

Bro: My friend just bought a Pandora charm for SGD 80! Wah I didn't know Pandora is so expensive sial. 
Me: Yeah about the same as Thomas Sabo la. I bought a dog charm for RM 250.
Geeky: Not too bad la. Tiffany is wayy worse.
Me: Eh. Have you heard of the saying "Every girl needs a Tiffany" .. ?
Geeky: Nope but I know every guy hates Tiffany.

A colleague was eyeing on a Chanel bag and asked me to accompany her during lunch hour to check out the bag and I instantly agreed to tag along lol.

Geeky: Yer just because I said the bag is ugly you attacked me on FB.
Me: HAHAHA I did not! 

Then my friend, Badreldin commented on my status:

Me: Oklah. Next time I will ask you to pick something to match my beauty!
Geeky: Shit I'm digging my own grave


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

He Says, She Says #1

I consider myself an avid follower of fourfeetnine’s blog, especially during her pregnancy drama. It was then when I came across her loving husband’s blog – when he wrote about the mental and physical struggles throughout the entire ordeal.

It was so touching I teared while reading it in the office wtf luckily no one noticed.

One day I was so bored I didn’t know what to do (when in fact I had loads to do i.e. study for my upcoming assessment shit I’m screwed) I went into timothytiah’s blog and found myself getting hooked on his series of “Things shorty & fatty say”.

Shorty = fourfeetnine
Fatty = timothytiah

I read all 276 witty entries (to-date) and I had this very reminiscing feeling throughout, and I imagined how nice it would be to revisit such priceless memories and silly moments, many many years down the road.

(When I first got into a relationship with my current other half, I referred him as Geeky on this blog, to keep him anonymous but my effort was futile lol since almost everyone knows who he is already)

So Geeky made it clear he’s not so much into social media so I guess I would have to be the one doing this. Of course, it would be ideal if he were to do it instead *hinthint

Geeky made breakfast and the menu today is pork ham omelette sandwich. I never liked bread crusts so 9 out of 10 times I’ll peel it off. As I was minding my own business ..

Geeky: Wei, don’t waste food! Who’s gonna eat that?
Me: You.
Geeky: No, you eat that. Think of the hungry people in Africa.
Me: *peels crust faster
Geeky: Wah I mention people in Africa and you do it even faster!

Minutes later ..

Me: Ahh my favourite part of the sandwich! Save the best for last hehehe.

(I ate the outer part of the sandwich first (minus the crust ) and slowly nibbled on what's left in the middle)

Me: NO this is mine! Go away!