Wednesday, October 9, 2013

He Says, She Says #2 and #3 - So Much Win

Last weekend bro was in KL and while having brunch at TableTalk, TTDI ..

Bro: My friend just bought a Pandora charm for SGD 80! Wah I didn't know Pandora is so expensive sial. 
Me: Yeah about the same as Thomas Sabo la. I bought a dog charm for RM 250.
Geeky: Not too bad la. Tiffany is wayy worse.
Me: Eh. Have you heard of the saying "Every girl needs a Tiffany" .. ?
Geeky: Nope but I know every guy hates Tiffany.

A colleague was eyeing on a Chanel bag and asked me to accompany her during lunch hour to check out the bag and I instantly agreed to tag along lol.

Geeky: Yer just because I said the bag is ugly you attacked me on FB.
Me: HAHAHA I did not! 

Then my friend, Badreldin commented on my status:

Me: Oklah. Next time I will ask you to pick something to match my beauty!
Geeky: Shit I'm digging my own grave


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