Thursday, October 10, 2013

He Says, She Says #4 - Those Magic Words

We were on some random topic on gtalk when ..

Geeky: Ah shit just remember got meeting in half an hour. More work come through email now I dunno where to start.
Me: You can start by telling me those magic words :D
Geeky: What magic words?
Me: The words that I insist you say it only when you really mean it la.
Geeky: I always mean it loh.
Me: Lol so what is it?
Geeky: Please?
Me: PLEASE?? Yerrr why guys so dense one. It's okla you go do your work while I sit here merajuk.

merajuk = sulk (english), lao kai (canto)

Geeky: Haha eh I dunno what you talking about.
Me: You said you got a lot to do and dunno where to start then I said you can start by saying magic words to me. (Have to explain samo wtf)
Geeky: Ohhhhhhhhh haha I miss you .. and I mean it one.

The trouble I had to go through for those 3 words seriously wtf lol guys tsk tsk.

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michc said...

you guys're so cute!