Thursday, October 17, 2013

He Says, She Says #5 - TehC

Geeky loves teh c. He has this very weird addiction towards it and claimed that without it, he's doomed for constipation so to prevent that, he drinks teh c every single day omg. I told him it's all in his mind so for the sake of this health, I banned him from teh c and only allowed 3 teh c  a week.

His first few days without teh c must be pretty bad because he said going to shit is comparable to being in labour hahahahahah wtf. 

At about 1pm today ..

Geeky: I go shit first
Me: So late?
Geeky: Coz morning got meeting. And didn't get to drink teh c
Me: Hahaha I didn't get that hint. Ok go go shit.
Geeky: It's a fact, not merely a hint.
Me: HAHAHA GO LAHH later you constipated.

When he's back ..

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