Tuesday, October 22, 2013

He Says, She Says #6 - Foodporn

Me: You wanna have soup for dinner tonight?
Geeky: Ok soup sounds good
Me: Want me to get anything from Cold Storage?
Geeky: Hm...carrot, chinese cabbage and tomatoes can?
Me: Can. Chinese cabbage is what ah? The light yellow one?
Geeky: Omg ...

I'm no chef, in fact my role in the kitchen is to wash veg and do dishes lol. Speaking of which, Geeky was really sweet yesterday. I said I wanted to have green bean soup for dessert and he made a huge pot of green bean soup, just for me mwahs mwahs :D

Geeky loves to cook (thank goodness), and here's some of my favourites!

Breakfast: Jumbo pork sausages, sauteed mushrooms and scrambled eggs on toast

 Lunch: Grilled chicken (super love!) and diced fresh tomatoes in a pancake wrap, with grilled zucchinis and fresh cherry tomatoes. He made the pancake himself, using flour and eggs!

Dinner: Grilled chicken (his specialty, seriously) salad with fresh tomatoes, Parmesan cheese and sesame dressing  

Breakfast: French toast with cherry tomatoes 

Dinner: Herbal soup meehoon with pork ribs, and stir-fry Chinese cabbage

And last but not least ..

Geeky's braised pork!! So good, so sinful but it's just TOO GOOD!

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