Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wedding Prep Pt.1


Just got engaged like two weeks ago (proposal story here) and I've started planning already cos we wanted the wedding reception to be in Dec'15, and was told to get the venue booked early because apparently newlyweds love December.

And we are among those who love December lol.

Also, if the venue of our choice happens to be fully booked wtf, our 2nd choice is a place by the beach with beautiful garden setting, so monsoon season months are out of the question. May have to bring the reception forward by a couple of months.

Wow our proposal story managed to garner more than 1k unique clicks for 2 straight days! Not bad for someone who has slowed down on blogging lol. Gonna get my blog up and running like old days!

So I've started a checklist like wedding reception venues, pre-wed photoshoot, actual day photographer and videographer, bridesmaid, dresses, band and emcee etc etc. So far the almost confirmed ones are the reception venue in Penang and pre-wed photoshoot. Le bf (not used to calling him fiance yet) hails from Kuala Lipis, Pahang so we have yet to decide where to hold the second reception - big KL (as in Kuala Lumpur) or small KL aka Kuala Lipis hahah.

Biggest headache right now are on the actual day photographer and videographer, because I'm very very particular about these two. Photog and videog must be good and creative enough to capture heartfelt moments. Not looking for some artsy fartsy photos and video with fancy editing. Would prefer something simple and natural, and most importantly, heart warming.

 This shot may not be candid but it's so cute and natural it instantly puts a smile on many faces!

A few friends are kind enough to share some contacts with me but they are either not the type I'm looking for, or too expensive wtf. So I welcome more recommendations please thankiu :D

Also looking for traditional and modern cheongsam boutiques (to rent or buy), make up artist and hair stylist, and perhaps a good jazzy band and reliable emcee. 

You can reach me at or just send me a Facebook message. Thanks!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Proposal

4 October 2014 ... was the day I got engaged to the most awesome guy ever. 

Many asked how was it, what did he say, did I cry, ring size (most popular question), how's the setting etc and I've been repeating myself a million times hence I decided to write it on my blog. 

Good to reminisce this moment 50 years later too when we are all old and wrinkly.

Ok so here goes! 

Daryl's guy friends were planning a boys' trip to Bangkok when he asked if he could go. I said ok sure, provided I could tag along. I trust him but not when he's with that bunch in a city filled with hot Thai girls lolol (sorry guys no hard feelings).

Miraculously that time girlfriends were allowed so yay I get to join them wtf usually I'll be shunned one :'(

Fast forward to 2 days before we flew to BKK ..

Daryl: Is your DSLR good in video recording?
Daryl's bro-in-law: Yup it's HD quality.
Daryl: Is it ok for me to borrow your DSLR?
Daryl's sis: For Anjung Nuri? (His homestay business, check out that beautiful bungalow!)
Daryl: Yup.

He decided to lie even to his siblings because he was afraid I might read his chat history. I wasn't in KL that time so when I got back a day later I read that chat (his fear was spot on lolol) and wanted to see his Anjung Nuri promotional video, but he said he didn't have the time to shoot it yet.

Then silly me made things easier for him by saying "Eh then take the DSLR to Bangkok lar! Can take prettier pictures!"

*bangs head on wall

Truth was, Daryl was trying to come out with an excuse to bring the huge ass camera along to BKK because I know he hated that big heavy camera.


3 Oct'14
Off we went to BKK with that DSLR. Stupid MAS flight delayed for almost an hour. Reached BKK just in time for dinner before joining the boys at some club. 

My stomach was churning pretty badly (ladies' first world problem) so I wasn't really in the mood to party. While I was emo-ing over cramped stomach, Daryl went missing for a good half an hour and when he's back he said it was too noisy to talk in the club so he went outside to chat with his friend (WaiH) .. 

.. and yeah, I bought his story.

4 Oct'14
This was the only trip where I had like zero involvement in planning whatsoever, so Daryl took the lead. Daryl brought me to this really beautiful teahouse for brunch, and when I saw the selection I thought it was odd that Daryl would be keen because I know he doesn't fancy cakes.

I ordered a slice of chocolate crepe (which was really yummy btw) while he chose the quiche, and regretted it hahahaha you will soon find out why.

So I was busy minding my own business trying to capture that lovely chocolate crepe in that beautiful British setting when ..

Daryl: Honey, how long have we been dating?
Me: *glares* You tell me.

He forgot our dating anniversary a few times already so I thought he forgot again!

Lucky him he got the date right this time and he went on telling me how I played a very important role in his life, how he realized I was THE ONE after just 3-4 months of dating (mainly because I didn't have horrible mood swings), and how he started to chart our relationship towards marriage since. 

Sounds corny when I put it in words but those words really tugged my heartstrings. Without realizing, tears welled up in my eyes. Seconds later I saw WaiH walking towards us with the DSLR in one hand and the most beautiful bouquet of roses in the other. 

Shit just got real. In my head I was like "Omg omg omg, this is it! He's gonna propose!!" 

Daryl stood up, and with the bouquet in one hand and a diamond ring in the other, he knelt down and popped the question.

Honey .. will you marry me?

Tears streamed down my face like Niagara Falls and poor Daryl was left waiting for a good 30 seconds before I nodded.

Too emotional to even say yes. In fact when we watched the playback, I looked so stressed out (and ugly cos of the tear-stained face) as though I was forced at knifepoint to accept the proposal hahahahaha.

Right after that his 5 other guy friends appeared out of nowhere like ninjas and started congratulating us. 

The hengdais. Standing from left to right: LHong, Evan, Daryl, KT, WaiH. 
Seated: Ah Fai and QTing

High res photo of us after the proposal. Thanks cameraman WaiH!

Abrupt end to the proposal story wtf. So yea, I'm now engaged to my lovely fiancĂ© :)

Ok quiche story time! Really quite funny lol. 

Daryl regretted ordering the quiche because it took so long to arrive. He got a little fidgety because he didn't want the waitress to interrupt the proposal and at the same time he couldn't afford to wait too long because he had like 4 video cameras rolling!! 

Camera #1 (DSLR) was with WaiH, who was well-hidden on the mezzanine floor right above us. Daryl passed it to WaiH the night before on the pretext that he wanted to play with it since he wanted to get one soon.

Camera #2 was on the table right next to us. I was completely oblivious to that because Daryl placed it when the waitress came over to serve my chocolate crepe.

Camera #3 was QTing's phone camera. He was also on the mezzanine floor.

Camera #4 was a friggin' spy camera sewn to Daryl's shirt collar wtf!!

Sounds pretty professional eh. With so many video cameras in place, one would expect a superb video footage of the proposal but sadly ..

Camera #2 stopped recording because it went into auto-sleep mode fhl. Camera #3 was kinda dark and Camera #4 was completely hopeless because the entire time it was focusing on my right forehead HAHAHAHA.

I admire his efforts though. We spoke about this before and he said it's such a waste of time/effort/money to do any recording, hence I didn't have much expectations.

In fact, I thought he would do it during our trip to Melbourne this month end because we booked a super fancy and expensive hotel and I assumed he would use that super 'atas' and luxurious setting to help make the proposal more romantic lol.

Turned out he put in a whole lot more thoughts into it that though the recordings weren't perfect, it was the effort that matters.

On things that are worth mentioning:
1. Thanks WaiH / LHong / QTing for being such great help to Daryl and make this surprise a beautiful one.
2. Luckily Daryl told me the teahouse is quite 'atas', otherwise I wouldn't bother dressing up and putting on make up.
3. Now I know why Daryl refused to let me snap photos of its interior. 
4. Sneaky Daryl planned this thingy with the boys using WeChat. Didn't even know he downloaded this app because he grouped it under the "Galaxy Plus" group app. 
5. Love my ring! It has a lovely 4 heart-shaped claw setting!

Every time I reminisced that moment, I feel so blessed and loved. Despite all those annoying moments (like farting right at my face), I love you more than words can say. I'm not looking for someone who promises me the world, I just want someone to hold my hand and watch the world go by as we grow old together.

BTW Anjung Nuri just launched their first Instagram (@anjungnuri) contest and the prize is one year unlimited access to Sunway Lagoon! Check it out! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Why are we so afraid and resistant to change?

Saw this on DarylTalk. The illustration below caught my attention because .. well, to be honest, I went through that exact same path as well. Unlike the author on DarylTalk (who wished to be a garbage collector because he thought it was cool standing behind a smelly moving truck wtf), I couldn’t recall what my ambition was until I started schooling.

Teacher: Erica, what do you aspire to be when you grow up?
Cute 7-year old me: A doctor / a lawyer!

If I were to give an unconventional answer like a carpenter or a garbage collector, they will probably alert my parents, try to talk me out of it or send me for counseling sessions.

So I stuck with that answer until I was 16, where I had to take up new subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. I hated Biology and History so it’s a big no-no to both medical and law school! What I did enjoy was Physics. My brain was somehow tuned to accept all the crazy formulas and concepts (it was crazy enough for us back then) that I immediately knew what I wanted to be - an Electrical and Electronics Engineer.

After SPM however, I wanted to be an air stewardess because I wanted to travel and see the world. But of course, my parents being the very typical Asian kind, they flatly rejected my desire and “strongly encouraged” (in other words, forced) me to accept the study scholarship to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in EE Engineering.

I have no regrets though.

You see, we grow up experiencing all sorts of changes in life. This example alone showed the changes I went through in the earlier stages of my life.

So why is change so difficult for grown-ups like us now?

Why are we so afraid and resistant to change?

You doubt yourself

The thought of making a life change can be so intimidating that you kick start that intention by doubting yourself and wonder if you are up for that kind of challenge. With that doubt planted in you, things will seem a lot harder than they really are, and you start playing the “what if?” game:

What if I fail?
What if I overestimated my capabilities?
What if this path makes my life worse than how it is now?

You start to question if you are capable in accomplishing it, and may even try to convince yourself that you can’t do it. To be honest, I was terribly guilty of that as well. My confidence level was so low that if someone were to question something I said, I would immediately conclude that what I said was wrong. 

Even while preparing for job interviews, my England would be on auto-activation mode – broken sentences, multiple grammatical errors, and so on – and I wouldn’t be able to maintain good eye contact with the interviewer(s).

We tend to follow the norm or settle for whatever we have because there isn't any immediate impact or lifestyle change. We keep convincing ourselves that hey, it's actually not thatttt bad, so why should we put ourselves out there? This happens when we put too much focus on the perks we have been given, like staff benefits, performance bonus, and so on, irregardless of our own career progression and job satisfaction. Some would rather be trapped in situations they do not want to be in - because maybe, just maybe .. they are afraid of what lies ahead in the unchartered path.

Instead of wasting our time/energy/brain cells/oxygen to imagine the worst thing that could happen, why don’t we think of the best thing that could possibly happen too? The odds are equal, 50-50. Having the confidence and courage to be in control provides you with a life full of purpose and happiness.

I believe that is what we all are trying to achieve.

This serves as a good reminder to myself too.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My 4 Beauty Secrets to Acne-Free Skin

I was a pretty late bloomer. Unlike most of my friends, I did not struggle with acne during my teenage years, well at least not until I graduated from high school. Acne started to haunt me when I turned 18 but back then I wasn't too bothered by it because I knew it will go away soon.

I spoke too soon.

As I grew older, the acne still plagued me, even when I'm close to 30. So old already but hormones raging like teenagers still wtf. For the past 10 years or so, I had endured endless rounds of antibiotics that really did help clear huge ugly acne, but sadly that clear complexion did not last. They come back, filled with vengeance every time the medicine wears off.

#march2014 #nomakeup #noedit 

By now I am pretty sick of this emotional roller coaster ride that I vowed to NOT go for shortcuts. My complexion wasn't too bad until dengue found me in end March this year. No, the virus did not cause breakouts but the herbal stuff that I was forced to take for faster recovery proved too heaty for my body.

Dong guai soup. I had to drink this for 7 continuous days

After months of emotional, physical and financial pain, my complexion has pretty much stabilized. Some scars are still visible but I'm contented, as long as the breakouts are under control. Getting rid of scars takes time anyway. 


So .. since I always resort to people's opinions on the net, I've decided to share what works on my terribly sensitive skin. And this is besides the general rule of thumb like taking loads of vegetables and fruits and drinking lots of water.

1. NEVER EVER touch your face

Those who suffer from acne should keep their dirty hands away from their face. Your hands, especially your fingertips have oils and dirt and whatnot on them, and touching or picking on pre-existing acne can make your skin worse.

This includes resting your face on your palm, touching your skin to "inspect" its condition, or pricking breakouts. 

2. Lemon

A lemon a day keeps the dermatologist away! About a month after my horrible breakouts, I start my morning (after breakfast) with warm lemon water - Squeeze one whole lemon and mix it with warm waterLemon helps to flush out toxins and is extremely beneficial for the body. 

Toxin-free body = radiant complexion! 

Bear in mind this isn't an overnight success so you gotta be very diligent in gulping down lemon water. I'm not sure how damaging it can be to the stomach lining so to be safe, I never drink lemon water on an empty stomach. 

Also, according to various sources, lemon juice when comes directly in contact with the teeth, can ruin the enamel; so I either drink lemon water with a straw or rinse my mouth after drinking lemon juice. 

Despite the overwhelming praises on how lemon juice helps if applied directly onto the skin, I've never tried that and I'm not sure if I am going to. I'm too paranoid :|

Cost: About RM 1.40 per lemon

3. BiO-LiFE Clearance 200mg Sachet

This was recommended by two friends and I decided to try it, since it isn't that pricey. It is a blackcurrent juice powder mix, which is designed specifically for the reduction of acne and blemishes, and redness associated with sensitive skin.

Good news is, apparently this does not have any side effects (unlike oral medication). It worked wonders in the first few weeks of consumption and right now it kinda maintains my skin condition. And the red patches on my skin has reduced tremendously too. Not sure if it is associated to this or other remedies I'm practicing.

Cost: RM 88 / box (1 month supply)

4. Proactiv Solution

This was highly recommended by le cinapek bf's two sisters. They, too, had horrible skin last time and apparently Proactiv saved their lives lol.

erk .. Justin Bieber was one of their ambassadors 

I started using this early September and I noticed a drastic change to my skin texture in like less than 5 days! I was pleasantly surprised .. a got a little suspicious too lol. 

There's no pleasing a typical kiasu like me hahaha. If a product works like a miracle, I get suspicious and paranoid. If it doesn't work I'll get all emotional and stressed up #kiasumoment

There's a catch though. Proactiv Solutions contains benzoyl peroxide - a strong medication that effectively kills bacteria in the pores. But this element can cause skin irritation and dryness so use the products in very small amounts and don't forget to moisturize, moisturize and moisturize!

It has been only 3 weeks but I really hope this acne control magic lasts! We shall see.

Cost: About RM 350 for 2 months' supply. This includes a cleanser, toner, treatment cream and green tea moisturizer.

Okay so just to give you guys an idea of my kind of transformation, here's a before (major breakout after dengue) and after photo:

Taken in June 2014 

This was me just a couple of months back. UGH really hated how I looked. And I think this was after an auto-beautify filter was applied wtf!!

This is how I look right now. Taken just a minute ago. No filter, no edit, no make up. Just showered hence the messy hair.

Same angle, same lighting, same camera minus the beautify filter. 

NOT BAD HOR!! Ok la my lousy Samsung Note3 camera didn't manage to capture the lighter scars but still!! Huge improvement in just like .. less than 6 months??

I really hope this stays wtf I cannot handle another emotional torture. 

Side by side comparison

Disclaimer: The stuff that suits me may not suit you. Try at your own risk and remember to do lots of research, especially on the ingredients used, just in case you have allergy issues.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Of Blog Revival and Le Cordon Bleu

Wow my last post was almost a year ago.

Looking back at my old posts, I realized I was pretty committed to writing - from serious topics like sex, love and relationships (see here, here and here), to the smallest stuff like what I had for breakfast and what I wore to dinner yesterday wtf. 

Found this #ootd in one of my older posts.

Damn now I'm itching to dye my hair again. SHOULD I??! My cinapek bf discouraged though, because he said I looked better in black hair *glares

He started his own blog like about a month back, and his writing surprised me because I didn't know he had it in him! All his subtle humour amidst the seemingly dry topics were freaking hilarious! Drop by and spread some love at

Actually it was he who encouraged me to start writing again. Don't know what constitutes to the gradual lack of interest in writing, but I guess it's never too late to kick start it and get my blog back to its heydays! Though I must admit, that kick starting period is one tough nut to crack!

Ok so to officially re-launch my dead blog, I'm gonna share my #ootd wtf and also #widt! 

#widt = what I do today

So my friend, Mandy gave me her winning invites to a cooking demo by the very famous Le Cordon Bleu @ Sunway University and .....

I jumped at it of course! I do not cook at all (don't even know how to cook rice wtf) but my interest in watching people cook and prepare pretty looking dishes stemmed from my addiction to MasterChef Australia, US and now Canada.

Head Pastry Chef Thierry Lerallu made my favorite nougats while Chef Rodolphe Onno prepared this beautiful looking risotto with sea bream and a million other elements. It takes two freaking hours to get all these on one plate. 

Now I know why fine dining is so bloody expensive.

Apart from the obvious favourite i.e. sea bream fish and the jus (orangy sauce on the plate), I was particularly drawn into another element on that plate - crispy parmesan! And the best part is, it's pretty easy to get this done! 

When a noob like me who doesn't know how to cook rice says it's easy, it's really freaking easy lol. Pour a thin layer of parmesan cheese powder on a baking tray, pop it into an oven and taadaa, it's done! For the temperature and time set, kindly Google cause I have no idea lol #fail

With Chef Rudolphe Onno .. who makes me look like a midget wtf.

top and cute mini floral skirt: flea market
flats: Aldo

I was looking at the courses offered by Le Cordon Bleu and cinapek bf said "Are you seriously considering this? Going through some sort of midlife crisis?"


I am just 28.