Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My 4 Beauty Secrets to Acne-Free Skin

I was a pretty late bloomer. Unlike most of my friends, I did not struggle with acne during my teenage years, well at least not until I graduated from high school. Acne started to haunt me when I turned 18 but back then I wasn't too bothered by it because I knew it will go away soon.

I spoke too soon.

As I grew older, the acne still plagued me, even when I'm close to 30. So old already but hormones raging like teenagers still wtf. For the past 10 years or so, I had endured endless rounds of antibiotics that really did help clear huge ugly acne, but sadly that clear complexion did not last. They come back, filled with vengeance every time the medicine wears off.

#march2014 #nomakeup #noedit 

By now I am pretty sick of this emotional roller coaster ride that I vowed to NOT go for shortcuts. My complexion wasn't too bad until dengue found me in end March this year. No, the virus did not cause breakouts but the herbal stuff that I was forced to take for faster recovery proved too heaty for my body.

Dong guai soup. I had to drink this for 7 continuous days

After months of emotional, physical and financial pain, my complexion has pretty much stabilized. Some scars are still visible but I'm contented, as long as the breakouts are under control. Getting rid of scars takes time anyway. 


So .. since I always resort to people's opinions on the net, I've decided to share what works on my terribly sensitive skin. And this is besides the general rule of thumb like taking loads of vegetables and fruits and drinking lots of water.

1. NEVER EVER touch your face

Those who suffer from acne should keep their dirty hands away from their face. Your hands, especially your fingertips have oils and dirt and whatnot on them, and touching or picking on pre-existing acne can make your skin worse.

This includes resting your face on your palm, touching your skin to "inspect" its condition, or pricking breakouts. 

2. Lemon

A lemon a day keeps the dermatologist away! About a month after my horrible breakouts, I start my morning (after breakfast) with warm lemon water - Squeeze one whole lemon and mix it with warm waterLemon helps to flush out toxins and is extremely beneficial for the body. 

Toxin-free body = radiant complexion! 

Bear in mind this isn't an overnight success so you gotta be very diligent in gulping down lemon water. I'm not sure how damaging it can be to the stomach lining so to be safe, I never drink lemon water on an empty stomach. 

Also, according to various sources, lemon juice when comes directly in contact with the teeth, can ruin the enamel; so I either drink lemon water with a straw or rinse my mouth after drinking lemon juice. 

Despite the overwhelming praises on how lemon juice helps if applied directly onto the skin, I've never tried that and I'm not sure if I am going to. I'm too paranoid :|

Cost: About RM 1.40 per lemon

3. BiO-LiFE Clearance 200mg Sachet

This was recommended by two friends and I decided to try it, since it isn't that pricey. It is a blackcurrent juice powder mix, which is designed specifically for the reduction of acne and blemishes, and redness associated with sensitive skin.

Good news is, apparently this does not have any side effects (unlike oral medication). It worked wonders in the first few weeks of consumption and right now it kinda maintains my skin condition. And the red patches on my skin has reduced tremendously too. Not sure if it is associated to this or other remedies I'm practicing.

Cost: RM 88 / box (1 month supply)

4. Proactiv Solution

This was highly recommended by le cinapek bf's two sisters. They, too, had horrible skin last time and apparently Proactiv saved their lives lol.

erk .. Justin Bieber was one of their ambassadors 

I started using this early September and I noticed a drastic change to my skin texture in like less than 5 days! I was pleasantly surprised .. a got a little suspicious too lol. 

There's no pleasing a typical kiasu like me hahaha. If a product works like a miracle, I get suspicious and paranoid. If it doesn't work I'll get all emotional and stressed up #kiasumoment

There's a catch though. Proactiv Solutions contains benzoyl peroxide - a strong medication that effectively kills bacteria in the pores. But this element can cause skin irritation and dryness so use the products in very small amounts and don't forget to moisturize, moisturize and moisturize!

It has been only 3 weeks but I really hope this acne control magic lasts! We shall see.

Cost: About RM 350 for 2 months' supply. This includes a cleanser, toner, treatment cream and green tea moisturizer.

Okay so just to give you guys an idea of my kind of transformation, here's a before (major breakout after dengue) and after photo:

Taken in June 2014 

This was me just a couple of months back. UGH really hated how I looked. And I think this was after an auto-beautify filter was applied wtf!!

This is how I look right now. Taken just a minute ago. No filter, no edit, no make up. Just showered hence the messy hair.

Same angle, same lighting, same camera minus the beautify filter. 

NOT BAD HOR!! Ok la my lousy Samsung Note3 camera didn't manage to capture the lighter scars but still!! Huge improvement in just like .. less than 6 months??

I really hope this stays wtf I cannot handle another emotional torture. 

Side by side comparison

Disclaimer: The stuff that suits me may not suit you. Try at your own risk and remember to do lots of research, especially on the ingredients used, just in case you have allergy issues.


Unknown said...

Hi Erica! Congrats on your engagement!!! 💜💜💜 but may I ask you, do you think general pharmacy like watson, guardian or caring sells the bio-life clearance? :)

eRiCa said...

Hi Sophia!

Well, I doubt you can find it at the general pharmacies you mentioned. I managed to get it only at AA Pharmacy at SS2 and Bangsar.

eRiCa said...

Thanks by the way! :)