Saturday, September 20, 2014

Of Blog Revival and Le Cordon Bleu

Wow my last post was almost a year ago.

Looking back at my old posts, I realized I was pretty committed to writing - from serious topics like sex, love and relationships (see here, here and here), to the smallest stuff like what I had for breakfast and what I wore to dinner yesterday wtf. 

Found this #ootd in one of my older posts.

Damn now I'm itching to dye my hair again. SHOULD I??! My cinapek bf discouraged though, because he said I looked better in black hair *glares

He started his own blog like about a month back, and his writing surprised me because I didn't know he had it in him! All his subtle humour amidst the seemingly dry topics were freaking hilarious! Drop by and spread some love at

Actually it was he who encouraged me to start writing again. Don't know what constitutes to the gradual lack of interest in writing, but I guess it's never too late to kick start it and get my blog back to its heydays! Though I must admit, that kick starting period is one tough nut to crack!

Ok so to officially re-launch my dead blog, I'm gonna share my #ootd wtf and also #widt! 

#widt = what I do today

So my friend, Mandy gave me her winning invites to a cooking demo by the very famous Le Cordon Bleu @ Sunway University and .....

I jumped at it of course! I do not cook at all (don't even know how to cook rice wtf) but my interest in watching people cook and prepare pretty looking dishes stemmed from my addiction to MasterChef Australia, US and now Canada.

Head Pastry Chef Thierry Lerallu made my favorite nougats while Chef Rodolphe Onno prepared this beautiful looking risotto with sea bream and a million other elements. It takes two freaking hours to get all these on one plate. 

Now I know why fine dining is so bloody expensive.

Apart from the obvious favourite i.e. sea bream fish and the jus (orangy sauce on the plate), I was particularly drawn into another element on that plate - crispy parmesan! And the best part is, it's pretty easy to get this done! 

When a noob like me who doesn't know how to cook rice says it's easy, it's really freaking easy lol. Pour a thin layer of parmesan cheese powder on a baking tray, pop it into an oven and taadaa, it's done! For the temperature and time set, kindly Google cause I have no idea lol #fail

With Chef Rudolphe Onno .. who makes me look like a midget wtf.

top and cute mini floral skirt: flea market
flats: Aldo

I was looking at the courses offered by Le Cordon Bleu and cinapek bf said "Are you seriously considering this? Going through some sort of midlife crisis?"


I am just 28.

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