Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Proposal

4 October 2014 ... was the day I got engaged to the most awesome guy ever. 

Many asked how was it, what did he say, did I cry, ring size (most popular question), how's the setting etc and I've been repeating myself a million times hence I decided to write it on my blog. 

Good to reminisce this moment 50 years later too when we are all old and wrinkly.

Ok so here goes! 

Daryl's guy friends were planning a boys' trip to Bangkok when he asked if he could go. I said ok sure, provided I could tag along. I trust him but not when he's with that bunch in a city filled with hot Thai girls lolol (sorry guys no hard feelings).

Miraculously that time girlfriends were allowed so yay I get to join them wtf usually I'll be shunned one :'(

Fast forward to 2 days before we flew to BKK ..

Daryl: Is your DSLR good in video recording?
Daryl's bro-in-law: Yup it's HD quality.
Daryl: Is it ok for me to borrow your DSLR?
Daryl's sis: For Anjung Nuri? (His homestay business, check out that beautiful bungalow!)
Daryl: Yup.

He decided to lie even to his siblings because he was afraid I might read his chat history. I wasn't in KL that time so when I got back a day later I read that chat (his fear was spot on lolol) and wanted to see his Anjung Nuri promotional video, but he said he didn't have the time to shoot it yet.

Then silly me made things easier for him by saying "Eh then take the DSLR to Bangkok lar! Can take prettier pictures!"

*bangs head on wall

Truth was, Daryl was trying to come out with an excuse to bring the huge ass camera along to BKK because I know he hated that big heavy camera.


3 Oct'14
Off we went to BKK with that DSLR. Stupid MAS flight delayed for almost an hour. Reached BKK just in time for dinner before joining the boys at some club. 

My stomach was churning pretty badly (ladies' first world problem) so I wasn't really in the mood to party. While I was emo-ing over cramped stomach, Daryl went missing for a good half an hour and when he's back he said it was too noisy to talk in the club so he went outside to chat with his friend (WaiH) .. 

.. and yeah, I bought his story.

4 Oct'14
This was the only trip where I had like zero involvement in planning whatsoever, so Daryl took the lead. Daryl brought me to this really beautiful teahouse for brunch, and when I saw the selection I thought it was odd that Daryl would be keen because I know he doesn't fancy cakes.

I ordered a slice of chocolate crepe (which was really yummy btw) while he chose the quiche, and regretted it hahahaha you will soon find out why.

So I was busy minding my own business trying to capture that lovely chocolate crepe in that beautiful British setting when ..

Daryl: Honey, how long have we been dating?
Me: *glares* You tell me.

He forgot our dating anniversary a few times already so I thought he forgot again!

Lucky him he got the date right this time and he went on telling me how I played a very important role in his life, how he realized I was THE ONE after just 3-4 months of dating (mainly because I didn't have horrible mood swings), and how he started to chart our relationship towards marriage since. 

Sounds corny when I put it in words but those words really tugged my heartstrings. Without realizing, tears welled up in my eyes. Seconds later I saw WaiH walking towards us with the DSLR in one hand and the most beautiful bouquet of roses in the other. 

Shit just got real. In my head I was like "Omg omg omg, this is it! He's gonna propose!!" 

Daryl stood up, and with the bouquet in one hand and a diamond ring in the other, he knelt down and popped the question.

Honey .. will you marry me?

Tears streamed down my face like Niagara Falls and poor Daryl was left waiting for a good 30 seconds before I nodded.

Too emotional to even say yes. In fact when we watched the playback, I looked so stressed out (and ugly cos of the tear-stained face) as though I was forced at knifepoint to accept the proposal hahahahaha.

Right after that his 5 other guy friends appeared out of nowhere like ninjas and started congratulating us. 

The hengdais. Standing from left to right: LHong, Evan, Daryl, KT, WaiH. 
Seated: Ah Fai and QTing

High res photo of us after the proposal. Thanks cameraman WaiH!

Abrupt end to the proposal story wtf. So yea, I'm now engaged to my lovely fiancé :)

Ok quiche story time! Really quite funny lol. 

Daryl regretted ordering the quiche because it took so long to arrive. He got a little fidgety because he didn't want the waitress to interrupt the proposal and at the same time he couldn't afford to wait too long because he had like 4 video cameras rolling!! 

Camera #1 (DSLR) was with WaiH, who was well-hidden on the mezzanine floor right above us. Daryl passed it to WaiH the night before on the pretext that he wanted to play with it since he wanted to get one soon.

Camera #2 was on the table right next to us. I was completely oblivious to that because Daryl placed it when the waitress came over to serve my chocolate crepe.

Camera #3 was QTing's phone camera. He was also on the mezzanine floor.

Camera #4 was a friggin' spy camera sewn to Daryl's shirt collar wtf!!

Sounds pretty professional eh. With so many video cameras in place, one would expect a superb video footage of the proposal but sadly ..

Camera #2 stopped recording because it went into auto-sleep mode fhl. Camera #3 was kinda dark and Camera #4 was completely hopeless because the entire time it was focusing on my right forehead HAHAHAHA.

I admire his efforts though. We spoke about this before and he said it's such a waste of time/effort/money to do any recording, hence I didn't have much expectations.

In fact, I thought he would do it during our trip to Melbourne this month end because we booked a super fancy and expensive hotel and I assumed he would use that super 'atas' and luxurious setting to help make the proposal more romantic lol.

Turned out he put in a whole lot more thoughts into it that though the recordings weren't perfect, it was the effort that matters.

On things that are worth mentioning:
1. Thanks WaiH / LHong / QTing for being such great help to Daryl and make this surprise a beautiful one.
2. Luckily Daryl told me the teahouse is quite 'atas', otherwise I wouldn't bother dressing up and putting on make up.
3. Now I know why Daryl refused to let me snap photos of its interior. 
4. Sneaky Daryl planned this thingy with the boys using WeChat. Didn't even know he downloaded this app because he grouped it under the "Galaxy Plus" group app. 
5. Love my ring! It has a lovely 4 heart-shaped claw setting!

Every time I reminisced that moment, I feel so blessed and loved. Despite all those annoying moments (like farting right at my face), I love you more than words can say. I'm not looking for someone who promises me the world, I just want someone to hold my hand and watch the world go by as we grow old together.

BTW Anjung Nuri just launched their first Instagram (@anjungnuri) contest and the prize is one year unlimited access to Sunway Lagoon! Check it out! 

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