Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wedding Prep Pt.1


Just got engaged like two weeks ago (proposal story here) and I've started planning already cos we wanted the wedding reception to be in Dec'15, and was told to get the venue booked early because apparently newlyweds love December.

And we are among those who love December lol.

Also, if the venue of our choice happens to be fully booked wtf, our 2nd choice is a place by the beach with beautiful garden setting, so monsoon season months are out of the question. May have to bring the reception forward by a couple of months.

Wow our proposal story managed to garner more than 1k unique clicks for 2 straight days! Not bad for someone who has slowed down on blogging lol. Gonna get my blog up and running like old days!

So I've started a checklist like wedding reception venues, pre-wed photoshoot, actual day photographer and videographer, bridesmaid, dresses, band and emcee etc etc. So far the almost confirmed ones are the reception venue in Penang and pre-wed photoshoot. Le bf (not used to calling him fiance yet) hails from Kuala Lipis, Pahang so we have yet to decide where to hold the second reception - big KL (as in Kuala Lumpur) or small KL aka Kuala Lipis hahah.

Biggest headache right now are on the actual day photographer and videographer, because I'm very very particular about these two. Photog and videog must be good and creative enough to capture heartfelt moments. Not looking for some artsy fartsy photos and video with fancy editing. Would prefer something simple and natural, and most importantly, heart warming.

 This shot may not be candid but it's so cute and natural it instantly puts a smile on many faces!

A few friends are kind enough to share some contacts with me but they are either not the type I'm looking for, or too expensive wtf. So I welcome more recommendations please thankiu :D

Also looking for traditional and modern cheongsam boutiques (to rent or buy), make up artist and hair stylist, and perhaps a good jazzy band and reliable emcee. 

You can reach me at or just send me a Facebook message. Thanks!


Melissa said...

Hello Erica. Pm you on Facebook Page already thx.

Anonymous said...

Erica, may be you can take a look at They are from Penang and may be suitable to the style you love.

Henry Tan said...

congrats congrats! =D