Monday, January 26, 2015

Carpooling - The Next Best Thing!

Bought my first car, a huge reward for myself after 5 years of hard work. Was deciding between a Honda and a Toyota, and finally settled for the latter as the rebates was too attractive to say no lol.

AND guess what, I've decided to drive my new baby all the way to Penang this Chinese New Year because ..

  • Dad wants to wax my car,
  • I get to move around freely, no longer have to rely on sis/bro/mom/dad,
  • I forgot to buy my flight tickets ahead and it was ridiculously expensive by the time I remembered wtf.

Driving all the way back home can be hellish, particularly during major festive seasons. Think long hours, high petrol and toll fares (though not as expensive as the inflated flight fares wtf), massive traffic, congested highways & so on. 

But I didn't mind as much this time as there's this really awesome carpooling platform, TripdaTripda is an advanced carpooling platform which connects people who need rides with people who have empty car seats like myself! It is a perfect alternative to buses, trains and short flights.

So I offered 3 seats on Tripda for my trip from Petaling Jaya to Penang Island on 15 Feb'15, and return trip from Penang Island to Petaling Jaya on 23 Feb'15, see screenshots below:

The above is my trip details from Petaling Jaya to Penang Island on 15 Feb. Check out my personal travel preferences i.e. music, allowing pets, smoking or eating in the car, etc.

As mentioned earlier, I offered 3 seats for each trip, and as you can see in this trip from PJ to Penang, I have only 1 seat left as I have 2 passengers already!! Yay to cost sharing, yay to having travel companions and say no to total boredom in the car!

This is one of my confirmed passengers! I have no idea who he is (at least not yet) but I can tell from his profile that we have quite a number of mutual friends! Not surprised as both hail from Penang!

So he sent a message on Tripda's platform just to confirm some details, and barely a day later, he booked a seat on my trip back to Penang!!

.. Don't know why I got so excited by this wtf.

The other passenger mentioned here is Wei Jun. I've carpooled with him a couple of times but never on such a long ride like this! He was a good right hand man - very helpful in directions. This is a good trait to have as I always get lost driving in the city even with the help of road maps, GPS and waze wtf.

My awesome ratings by the people I've carpooled with :)

Ok so allow me to do a little bit of advertisement here! I've yet to secure any passengers for my trip back from Penang to PJ, so if you have yet to book your transport, contact me! Am always open to meeting new people, sharing costs (I'm broke), saving Mother Earth, reducing traffic congestion (and heart attack from all the stress wtf).

Get yourself registered on and book my ride (or message me on Tripda if you need details)!! #kiasu

Those who are driving back home alone this CNY, don't forget to share your travel cost by offering the empty seats in your car on Tripda, just like me! And to those without a car who are reluctant to have bumpy bus rides, hop onto Tripda as well and find yourself a ride home, exactly like Wei Jun and Will Iam did!


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Ending this post with a random pic of myself lol super love this embellished dress :) Don't forget to contact me if you need a lift! Till then!